Many thanks to KoL.

Kingdom of Legends is going to go....
Legend Kingdom

KoL manager pronounced that they are going to part with Kingdom. If new owner won't be found, then KoL universe will disappear from XRPS within a month...
I deeply appreciate to Kingdom of Legends managers. KoL was most beautiful universe in XRPS...I enjoyed here very much so far. :-)

Last week, Forbidden City was closed too. Now premium universes of XRPS are only 2, Judgment and Lost City.
My RP clan GK was formed in NoR about 1.5years ago...We moved our base to Judgment last summer because NoR shifted to DCS universe. We moved again to KoL a half year ago again.
This time, we decided not to move our base for a while. Though I will visit Judgment and Lost City frequently...there are my friends which are most important thing I obtained in XRPS....I have to fight against a Drow who live in LC lol, but GK will also look for something new to begin. :-)

In these days my best concern was to enliven the Kingdom and make fun in XRPS...we were working for some plans...but it became useless now...situations around XRPS universes seems unstable currently...so, we want to have our base in settled place.

GK never die...we will enjoy what we can do. xD

Kingdom of Legend


Delusion Kingdom, aka Goth Kingdom

Do you have interest in life in XRPS roleplay area?
Kingdom of Legends management has built gothic city in Delusion Kingdom.
Delusion Kingdom1

This town is gothic theme residential area, which is primarily focusing on roleplay. Residing in roleplay area is different with it in other places. You have to keep up universe rules and can't set security system, locked door or so on. In return, you can involve people in your RP or be involved in RP...it might be a crime...yes, I heard that rabbit bandits haunt this Kingdom. lol
Delusion Kingdom1

luice and her hubby rented a house in here...so she is wearing gothic clothing recently.*laughs*
I think usual luice who is mechanized killer doesn't suit to gothic theme...:p
Delusion Kingdom3

If you want to live in theme town in XRPS rather than lotting-out land which is messy like main land, try to see Delusion Kingdom. xD
Delusion Kingdom4

Default price: 500L$/week for 150prim.
additional:+150L$/week for +50prim.


New Melee Weapon :Carrot Sword

The Rampage Rabbits, who settle on the roof of GK diner, has started cultivation recently.

In former times those bad rabbits did robbery to get food, but they found the delight of cultivation...
Now they are going to spread cultivation in kingdom...it's causing me a headache...awww

RP log (Edited)

Coppelia: After we rabbits conquer this kingdom, we will force to cultivate carrot to all people...so you should get to like carrots!
********: *laughs* so I would have to die....I am cannnibalist forever.
Coppelia: Don't say so without trying them! *pushes her carrot against ***'s mouth*
********:/me bites a sup of the carrot and spits it at coppelia's face.
Coppelia: ohhh I don't forgive such act to carrot!
Coppelia:/me pokes **** with the carrot quickly.

and battle battle...lol

*Rabbit Punch* Carrot Sword
This carrots can be used as melee weapon, which is compatible to XRPS, DCS, CCS or some other combat systems. (No enhanced damage)

This is sold in Factory of Ishtar main shop...xD >>SLURL


A thought......to avoid drama.


If you thought someone is cheating...just call admin.
You don't have to say like "You are cheating".
It's just a seed of drama...In many cases, they are not cheating actually.
If one was not cheating and was called as cheater, he would think that you are whinning not to accept defeat.

I have also been called as cheater many times by the person I defeated in fair battle.
It's really unpleasant....in most cases they don't call admin but just accuse me as cheater in local chat. I ask them... "Hey if you think so, just call admin." then they answer..."I hate drama". claps, are you serious? Calling someone as cheater without evidence, That's draming!

I don't mind to being accused to admin by someone and being examined by admins...It's player's right and duty.
But shouting "You are cheating" in local chat is just an OOC insulting...you don't have right to do so.

In addition, before call admins, consider again if it's just your missunderstanding.

1.Jump enhancer?

There are several things that causes high jump other than jump enhancer.

a)slope, step (difference in levels)

You can jump higher if you are running toward upstairs.
This is pretended high jump...
c)Bullet step
You can jump in the air by stepping on bullets...I am not kidding. It is possible especially when lag is heavy.
This is the main cause of wrong compliant for jump enhancer.
This is not prohibited in rules, but you'd better not try this in battle...or you will be accused for jump enhancer...lol

2.Illegal Weapon?

Sometimes I am accused for that my bullet causes higher damage...0.0
Well, my gunnery might be illegal. lol
In XRPS battle, gun damage is caused by only collision between avatar and physical object.
Melee damage is caused by only left click and hitting W,A,S,D.
There is no enhanced weapon for XRPS officially...and such API can't be used without universe owner's permission.
But there are illegal weapons...for example, too high BBS gun, melee weapons which launches object, etc.
Left click suspected person's weapon and inspect it. You can find the weapon's name, and check whether it's approval in universe.
If its not approved, just call admin...or just call admin without inspection...don't accuse in local chat...it can be OOC insulting.

3.No damage, too high damage, hitted within Jinx, or etc etc.

Lag causes anything...Once I have seen a player A who is accusing player B in local chat. A said that B's meter never get damage so it must be cheating. Actually B's meter was stucking...but I tried to hit A for test. A's meter was stucking too...
Player B got pissed very much....it's natural. Such complaint is nothing except slander.

Again, if you thought someone is cheating, never accuse him in local chat. Be calm, and talk gently to confirm he knows rule in IM, or just call admin.