Since Kingdom of Legend has gone, I've been working a little for the new Roleplay & Combat SIM.
Now preparations has done...Auroris is beginning :D

Dread, which is the port of Auroris land, was built above the remains of ancient civilizations..this land has risen up from undersea after "The Disaster".
See more detail about RP story at Auroris Website: http://auroris.org

Our universe is engined by GBF, Gimpster BrainForge. Gimpy Fhang, who did lots of excellent work of skill designing in other universes, has completed her original combat system.
This system has lots of features that is so characteristic. More details are here.
I truly hope we can enjoy our time with GBF. :D


Many thanks to KoL.

Kingdom of Legends is going to go....
Legend Kingdom

KoL manager pronounced that they are going to part with Kingdom. If new owner won't be found, then KoL universe will disappear from XRPS within a month...
I deeply appreciate to Kingdom of Legends managers. KoL was most beautiful universe in XRPS...I enjoyed here very much so far. :-)

Last week, Forbidden City was closed too. Now premium universes of XRPS are only 2, Judgment and Lost City.
My RP clan GK was formed in NoR about 1.5years ago...We moved our base to Judgment last summer because NoR shifted to DCS universe. We moved again to KoL a half year ago again.
This time, we decided not to move our base for a while. Though I will visit Judgment and Lost City frequently...there are my friends which are most important thing I obtained in XRPS....I have to fight against a Drow who live in LC lol, but GK will also look for something new to begin. :-)

In these days my best concern was to enliven the Kingdom and make fun in XRPS...we were working for some plans...but it became useless now...situations around XRPS universes seems unstable currently...so, we want to have our base in settled place.

GK never die...we will enjoy what we can do. xD

Kingdom of Legend


Delusion Kingdom, aka Goth Kingdom

Do you have interest in life in XRPS roleplay area?
Kingdom of Legends management has built gothic city in Delusion Kingdom.
Delusion Kingdom1

This town is gothic theme residential area, which is primarily focusing on roleplay. Residing in roleplay area is different with it in other places. You have to keep up universe rules and can't set security system, locked door or so on. In return, you can involve people in your RP or be involved in RP...it might be a crime...yes, I heard that rabbit bandits haunt this Kingdom. lol
Delusion Kingdom1

luice and her hubby rented a house in here...so she is wearing gothic clothing recently.*laughs*
I think usual luice who is mechanized killer doesn't suit to gothic theme...:p
Delusion Kingdom3

If you want to live in theme town in XRPS rather than lotting-out land which is messy like main land, try to see Delusion Kingdom. xD
Delusion Kingdom4

Default price: 500L$/week for 150prim.
additional:+150L$/week for +50prim.


New Melee Weapon :Carrot Sword

The Rampage Rabbits, who settle on the roof of GK diner, has started cultivation recently.

In former times those bad rabbits did robbery to get food, but they found the delight of cultivation...
Now they are going to spread cultivation in kingdom...it's causing me a headache...awww

RP log (Edited)

Coppelia: After we rabbits conquer this kingdom, we will force to cultivate carrot to all people...so you should get to like carrots!
********: *laughs* so I would have to die....I am cannnibalist forever.
Coppelia: Don't say so without trying them! *pushes her carrot against ***'s mouth*
********:/me bites a sup of the carrot and spits it at coppelia's face.
Coppelia: ohhh I don't forgive such act to carrot!
Coppelia:/me pokes **** with the carrot quickly.

and battle battle...lol

*Rabbit Punch* Carrot Sword
This carrots can be used as melee weapon, which is compatible to XRPS, DCS, CCS or some other combat systems. (No enhanced damage)

This is sold in Factory of Ishtar main shop...xD >>SLURL


A thought......to avoid drama.


If you thought someone is cheating...just call admin.
You don't have to say like "You are cheating".
It's just a seed of drama...In many cases, they are not cheating actually.
If one was not cheating and was called as cheater, he would think that you are whinning not to accept defeat.

I have also been called as cheater many times by the person I defeated in fair battle.
It's really unpleasant....in most cases they don't call admin but just accuse me as cheater in local chat. I ask them... "Hey if you think so, just call admin." then they answer..."I hate drama". claps, are you serious? Calling someone as cheater without evidence, That's draming!

I don't mind to being accused to admin by someone and being examined by admins...It's player's right and duty.
But shouting "You are cheating" in local chat is just an OOC insulting...you don't have right to do so.

In addition, before call admins, consider again if it's just your missunderstanding.

1.Jump enhancer?

There are several things that causes high jump other than jump enhancer.

a)slope, step (difference in levels)

You can jump higher if you are running toward upstairs.
This is pretended high jump...
c)Bullet step
You can jump in the air by stepping on bullets...I am not kidding. It is possible especially when lag is heavy.
This is the main cause of wrong compliant for jump enhancer.
This is not prohibited in rules, but you'd better not try this in battle...or you will be accused for jump enhancer...lol

2.Illegal Weapon?

Sometimes I am accused for that my bullet causes higher damage...0.0
Well, my gunnery might be illegal. lol
In XRPS battle, gun damage is caused by only collision between avatar and physical object.
Melee damage is caused by only left click and hitting W,A,S,D.
There is no enhanced weapon for XRPS officially...and such API can't be used without universe owner's permission.
But there are illegal weapons...for example, too high BBS gun, melee weapons which launches object, etc.
Left click suspected person's weapon and inspect it. You can find the weapon's name, and check whether it's approval in universe.
If its not approved, just call admin...or just call admin without inspection...don't accuse in local chat...it can be OOC insulting.

3.No damage, too high damage, hitted within Jinx, or etc etc.

Lag causes anything...Once I have seen a player A who is accusing player B in local chat. A said that B's meter never get damage so it must be cheating. Actually B's meter was stucking...but I tried to hit A for test. A's meter was stucking too...
Player B got pissed very much....it's natural. Such complaint is nothing except slander.

Again, if you thought someone is cheating, never accuse him in local chat. Be calm, and talk gently to confirm he knows rule in IM, or just call admin.


Bandit Roleplay in XRPS.

XRPS Trans-pass has been running for 1 week in Judgment and Kingdom of Legends.
It seems that many people are enjoying this new system. Even though there are many opposite opinions on forum, people who agrees this change don't have to post something...In the fact, lots of people including players who have lost much XP are accepting Trans-pass.

Sometimes I also visit Judgment using Trans-pass. --->SLURL
They made Grudge SIM at north of Judgment. This is hard combat oriented SIM...you don't have to say even 1 word before kick some asses in this SIM. So here is filled with heavy combat players always...lol.

Currently almost of people in here are separated to 2 factions(Hell Viking or not Hell Viking) and fighting against each other repeatedly...
For me, I don't like such politics so I haven't joined in neither of them...but I have kicked asses of both factions...lol

I recommend you to roleplay before and after combat even if SIM rule doesn't require it...its natural that people feel unpleasant if one was killed with no warning and just left.
I am positive that I am also one of combat junkies...but I always try roleplay before and after combat...for me, I am too strong to attack someone suddenly without warning lol. Yes...I affirm that people who attack only suddenly without warning are just weak.

In Judgment, my roleplay is a bandit...xD
Yesterday I tried to rob money at Grudge....lol

[8:01] luice String: Hey Mr. *aims her gun to Krinter*
[8:01] Krinter Clowes: hm ?
[8:01] Krinter Clowes slowly turns around
[8:02] Krinter Clowes percks up one of his eyebrows as he eyes her gun aimed at him ... * may i help you ? *
[8:02] luice String: Nothing especially....I just want your wallet *giggles*
[8:02] luice String: In other words, Im an bandit....
[8:03] Krinter Clowes cant help but laughs ..* well .. come and take it ... my hands are a lil busy ... * he says that while sheath his blade and reloading his rifle
[8:03] luice String: oh you that kind? *giggles innocently and walks to approach Krinter*
[8:04] Krinter Clowes cracks a smile as he watches her hands closely .. * sure... stuf fit into my pocket and you'll get there *
[8:04] Krinter Clowes: stuff it *
[8:04] luice String: Give me your wallet *reaches her hand to Krinters pocket keeping her aiming to him*
[8:05] luice String grabes the wallet and turns around and ruunnn
[8:05] Krinter Clowes quickly slaps his hands on hers as he take one lil step back * thats gonna hurt *

and battle battle battle...
Then his friend came to support him so I have run away!
wow I could meet nice roleplayer xD
He was nice RP fighter...but sometimes I am just stunned and hit by other player as a response to my RP lol


XRPS TransPass system

New XRPS TransPass System is now Running in KoL and Judgement!
Your XP earned in these universe are added to both sheet. ^_^
I hope that many universes joins this TransPass.

However I heard some complaints for this new system from people who made new sheet.

1."XP/level is decreased?"

According to announcement from XRPS management, nothing has been lost. It's revaluation. All time you spent in XRPS universe are calculated. For long time, XP ticks are very high in many universes. The recalculation is done with lower XP tick, so it looks like decrease.
In addition, level table is changed. This is same in TransPass universes.
Old 17 level matches new 13 level. --->URL of new XRPS Level table
This new table seems to be designed for lower level players. Leveling up is faster in early period, and for high level players, it becomes slow. This is nice idea, god like super power character is not needed...I think. :p

For me, XP is changed from 340K to 200K though, I don't think my XP is decreased.
If you still feel it is strange, I recommend to post it to XRPS forum.

(PS. I heard the rumor that the recalculation does not include WARPS XP. So many players are dissatisfied.)

2."This profits campers"

Well, campers are high level always. I know a character (Not in KoL) who stands on the top of building all the day. I can see her alt in another universe at the same time lol. She and her many alts are all high level...lol
But don't care, they don't know roleplay...they are just waiting for battle and jumps in it..... You don't have to involve them into your story....
At least, high level sheets based on incorrect transfer are removed by this recalculation.


a day in Fight Club

Today I recieved 4 guests in my fight club....yay xD
((This log is edited to shorten for blog))

Nebula, Kanneth, Doll, and Zanna :-)

[8:08] luice String: what can I pour for you?
[8:09] Nebula Hissop: milk pls with a shot of rum
[8:09] luice String: Okay
[8:10] luice String kneels and took out a bottle and milk pack, pours them into a glass
[8:10] luice String puts the glass in front of Nebula
[8:10] Nebula Hissop smiles * thank you verry much , what do i own you ?
[8:11] luice String: well, 1 silver coin or....if you defeat me in spar, I will treat free drinks to you *laughs*
[8:12] Nebula Hissop smiles * well as i am not really awake yet i'll pay

Doll, who is a cyborg girl, ordered an damned menu....

[8:11] Doll Core: tritium water...10liter
[8:14] Doll Core: and uranium for side dish ...
[8:15] luice String: wait....I don't have radioactive materials....
[8:17] Doll Core: well...then, go to Chernobyl...
[8:19] Doll Core: I'm hungry....tritium and uranium....at least....plutonium please
[8:20] luice String sighs...."Hey doll, radiation is danger to me. If you need it, please talk to GK engineers"

I ignored her order....lol

[8:21] luice String: Zanna
[8:21] Zanna Silversmith: hum?
[8:21] luice String: what can I pour for you? I hope you dont want radioactive marerial...
[8:24] Zanna Silversmith smiles "I want milk. plz"
[8:25] luice String pours milk into a glass and put it in front of Zanna.

But Doll importunared....awww

[8:27] Doll Core: then,give me tritium and uranium...Please
[8:28] luice String: I said I dont have those materials!
[8:29] luice String: But here is fight club....if you want to force me to feed you, fight against me and win *smile*
[8:31] luice String: Hey doll, would you fight with me?
[8:37] Doll Core: yes...
[8:37] luice String: Come on!

The result was....

[8:43] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String has been defeated by Doll Core!
[8:43] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Doll Core has been defeated by luice String!

double knock out! xD

[8:43] Zanna Silversmith: GF both
[8:44] Nebula Hissop: nice fight lady's

[8:44] luice String: okay Doll, I will prepare radioactive materials
[8:44] luice String: for next time...
[8:45] Doll Core: soon...if you can...
[8:45] luice String spits blood "I cant move now....."

In this club, might is right....lol
I'm waiting for your visit at my fight club! SURL


Fight Club

I opened a club in Dread, at behind of GK Enterprise office!-SURL
FightClub GK
The first floor is Arena, second floor is seats for chill out :-)
FightClub GK
This club is for all fighters who love fighting(Of course, others are also welcome ^^ ). If you are bored or wanted to train fighting skill, please come here to look for fighting partner. Let's enjoy fair fight without ooc drama xD.
There are various level staff, you can find fighting partner whose level matches to you. Any rule of which each fighters agreed is OK. 1on1, team battle, melee fight, shooting fight etc.....
Talk to staff, then you can register to the score board. Your win and lose will be recorded on this board :-)
FightClub GK
Monthly winner will get some reward....I am considering what is good for the reward.xD

Current champion is luice...who is the most skilled fighter in GK xD
If you defeated her, I will treat free drink and free food to you. lol
FightClub GK


GK cheese final!

After the announcement from XRPS management, XRPS players seem to be a bit upset...
However, GK is running our diner in Dread as usual.

Today Minni of ROUSAS Rats, who watch for a chance to get cheese from GK, came to diner...

((This log is edited to remove spam))
[4:17] Minni Fhang peeks from the window
[4:17] luice String looks at Minni through the window
[4:18] Minni Fhang: the cook !!! your friend betray you !!
[4:18] Mizuki Windlow moves to behind luice
[4:18] luice String blinks "eep? whom do you mean?"
[4:18] Minni Fhang: give me the cheese or i kill you
[4:18] luice String: No one in GK betray!
[4:18] Minni Fhang grins ~ points to her back ~


[4:21] luice String: Mizuki...? you did?
[4:21] Minni Fhang nods "I never tell lies."
[4:21] Mizuki Windlow: you are good friend,luice
[4:21] Mizuki Windlow: but,money is more good friend❤
[4:21] luice String draws gun and start full-scale sprint
[4:21] Minni Fhang: mizuki you have to help me now

battle battle battle...

[4:26] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String has been defeated by Mizuki Windlow!

[4:27] Minni Fhang points her gun at luices mouth "Now tell me where is the cheese!"
[4:28] luice String: "Okay....follow me....but don't forget...our boss never forgive both of you!"

As there is no other choice, luice guided them to cheese store in 7th floor of GK office.

[4:32] Minni Fhang: woohooo
[4:32] luice String asks plaintively "please dont steal all...."
[4:32] Minni Fhang: awww
[4:33] Minni Fhang hops "mine mine mine!"
[4:33] Minni Fhang jumps around

[4:36] Minni Fhang thinks ~ i will keep one for my rabbit friend~
[4:36] Minni Fhang: see ya all, thank you!
[4:36] luice String: *glares Minni's back*

2 months ago, we rats and GK have started an RP campaign. It started by this notice....

After the bioweapon's escape.....GK enterprise has been in business slump.Though their bioweapons were eliminated soon, the business loss was huge.So CEO GinLow devised a last-ditch plan to save the GK!
CEO is considering delivery pizza for their new business.Now they are developing new pizza, so their hidden storehouse is filled with various high quality cheese!
But they are taking precaution....because, there are dangerous rats in Dread.So, the place where cheese is hidden is secret for almost employees.Only chief cock knows the hidden storehouse.In addition, almost employees don't know even who is the chief cook.Each ones has information about chief cook, little by little.

Luice was the cook! Finally rats reached to the secret, and they have stolen all cheese from GK.....*giggles* Those log were posted on Minni's blog and this blog.
Luice of GK and Minni&Gimpy of Rousas held preliminary discussion OOCly to make this IC war. Such organized RP like this can be great fun...:-) That's the reason why I insist that "Make OOC friendship with IC enemies". OOC friendship enables to have drastic Roleplay....xD

Kingdom is a Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community in Second Life.
- If you are interested, please visit kingdom and speak to one of Kingdom Mentors. In addition, visit our website.
- The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the XRPS Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout Kingdom.
~~~ ** ~~~ NOTICE ~~~ ** ~~~
Kingdom is based in Mature SIMs and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 YEARS or older to be in our game.


Big change of XRPS

XRPS Management announced big change of XRPS.
I reprint it on here.....

---- XRPS Unified XP Press Release ----

The XRPS Management is implementing a better and more efficient way to manage the XRPS Player Sheets that will enable all players to move throughout all XRPS Universes using the same level table. The new system is designed to promote balance and equitable XRPS player sheets by having One XRPS level table and the EXP tick be uniformed throughout all XRPS Universes.

The XRPS levels are computed by minutes in XRPS and a variety of other calculations will also be included on your XRPS player stats sheet. Each XRPS player will know exactly what and why they received the XP level they receive and how it was determined.

The goals of XRPS Management has always been and remains focused on their players and that they enjoy both the XRPS Meter and the XRPS Universes.

The premium XRPS universe owners have been informed and were invited to an open discussion to talk about the upcoming changes and can answer many of your questions and concerns. Contact Izzebella Rossini (XRPS Manager) or Baron Nowhere (XRPS Owner) for any additional details, or visit the XRPS Forums to discuss: http://forums.nextrps.com

- XRPS Management


And more detail is written in here.

The important things for players is.....
1. All characters' XP will be recalculated. The calculation is based on the time that each characters spend in XRPS universes.
2. XP tick will become same in all universes.
3. Each universes can have their ruleset of Race/Class/Skill though, XP is unified. You can have different character sheets in each universes, and XP which you earned in one universe will be added to all character sheets!
4.This change is done on Friday.

I love this change...
Well our XP will be decreased...I will loose XP rewards which I had recieved...
People will complain about this. However, based on long-term vision, I believe that this change will strengthen the XRPS community.
We XRPS players have been separated to each universes so far, being bound by XP.
After this change, we will really become a member of XRPS community.

To lure players by high XP tick will end...Now universes will have to lure players by their characteristic. Forbidden City might be featured by big clan war...while Kingdom of Legends is featured by beautiful dark-gothic RP environment.
Players can wander all universes as one like...
Baron said this change is designed to profit all players...I'm positive that it is so.

I hope this change will be done successfully!


XRPS players in Avatars United

Skull King Castle2
Builder of Kingdom of Legends is Syrdin. She is the owner of Stone Misery, which is a furniture, scenery, and buildings vendor.
She is great builder so attractive atmosphere pervade the Kingdom...xD
I belive scenery of kingdom is the best in XRPS universes...hehe.

Legend Kingdom

By the way, have you joined Avatars United? I did yesterday xD
Avatars United is a web community like facebook for avatars of online games and virtual worlds.
Linden bought Avatars United so It will become official SL community....:-)

My peofile page

In Avatars United, there is many user's group already.
DCS2(an RP combat system) players have made their big community in Avatars United already....and XRPS players have not.
I think this is good for XRPS players who are separated to many universes. :-)
To have OOC communication will reduce OOC confliction and enables hardcore RP...I think.

If you made account in Avatars United, please unite with me XD.


Sneaking into Mythos Castle

My name is Coppelia, a member of Rampage Rabbits!
Rabbits is a name of clan, which will be the ruler of the Kingdom of Legends...xD

But Rampage Rabbits are small clan...only two members yet.
So I have to earn money to enliven us.......*grins*

There is Mythos Castle in Dread town.
They must be rich....I decided to rob their wealth!
Today I went to Mythos castle....

[4:08] Coppelia Mint: Raise your hands! *aims her gun to Mythos*
[4:09] Coppelia Mint: Hey!
[4:09] Deac Ambrose: Hey
[4:09] Coppelia Mint: Raise your hands! *aims her gun to Mythos*
[4:09] Coppelia Mint: Give me moneeey!
[4:10] Coppelia Mint: mmm
[4:10] Deac Ambrose: go away
[4:10] Deac Ambrose: leave now or die
[4:11] Coppelia Mint: give me money or die!!


[4:12] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Coppelia Mint has been defeated by Deac Ambrose!

[4:13] Coppelia Mint: oops
[4:13] Deac Ambrose takes her money bag
[4:13] Coppelia Mint: haha its empty
[4:13] Deac Ambrose: now that should teach you
[4:13] Deac Ambrose takes her weapons
[4:13] Coppelia Mint: uggggh
[4:13] Coppelia Mint: I will revenge!!

sob sob.....
Today I learned that robbery is bit difficult for me...
Next time I'll sneak and steal stealthy. >_<

Kingdom is a Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community in Second Life.
- If you are interested, please visit kingdom and speak to one of Kingdom Mentors. In addition, visit our website.
- The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the XRPS Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout Kingdom.
~~~ ** ~~~ NOTICE ~~~ ** ~~~
Kingdom is based in Mature SIMs and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 YEARS or older to be in our game.


Rebuilding GK Enterprise Base.

We are "GEKKOH Enterprise", an (roleplay) enterprise in Kingdom of Legends. :-)
The buidling of GK is now under rebuilding...

The first floor is GK Diner.

GK Diner's policy is to serve for any race's any palate...
Even if you are a blood sucker, corpse eater, or rock biter, all OK! xD
Please come to our diner when you visit Dread town...

This is "Factory of Ishtar", a weapon shop.

Weapons from "Factory of Ishtar" are suited to XRPS combat, and KoL rules.
And very high performance! xD
You'll never be beaten if you choose Ishtar's weapon....lol.

LM:GK Enterprise Office

Kingdom is a Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community in Second Life.
- If you are interested, please visit kingdom and speak to one of Kingdom Mentors. In addition, visit our website.
- The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the XRPS Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout Kingdom.
~~~ ** ~~~ NOTICE ~~~ ** ~~~
Kingdom is based in Mature SIMs and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 YEARS or older to be in our game.


Promo video for GK, XRPS, and Kingdom of Legend!

A proud GK member, Aglaia Olifone made new promo video for GK and Kingdom of Legends!
This is really great, please take a look on it!:D

Kingdom is a Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community.
- If you are interested, please visit kingdom and speak to one of Kingdom Mentors. In addition, visit our website.
- The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the XRPS Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout Kingdom.
~~~ ** ~~~ NOTICE ~~~ ** ~~~
Kingdom is based in Mature SIMs and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 YEARS or older to be in our game.


Teyara lost her memory.(2)

This is the continuation of last artivle.
((This RP log has been edited to shorten.))

[5:15] Teyara Mayo: my head is as pain as hell
[5:15] luice String: I have never attacked CEO's sister!
[5:16] Teyara Mayo stares at her and wonders on her words

Then, GK doctor Akix came.

[5:16] Akix Lemon: hi
[5:16] Teyara Mayo: hi doctor
[5:16] luice String: Hi doctor

[5:17] Teyara Mayo: i am having severe headache
[5:17] Teyara Mayo: i wonder if the doctor can treat me
[5:17] Teyara Mayo: maybe a pill
[5:17] luice String: wow you want to be treated by doctor?
[5:18] luice String: you are so brave.....
[5:18] Teyara Mayo: is she bad ?
[5:18] luice String: Doctor! Teyara want to be experime.....no, she wants to be treated by you
[5:18] luice String: She has headache
[5:18] Teyara Mayo: yes bad headache
[5:18] luice String: Please see her *smile*
[5:19] Akix Lemon: OK OK *smile *
[5:19] Teyara Mayo smiles ~thank you ~
[5:19] Akix Lemon: luice , あなたは私の助手をしてくれる?
[5:19] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): luice, you will be my assistant?
[5:19] luice String: OK sure
[5:23] Teyara Mayo: kk doctor.. please check my head
[5:23] Akix Lemon: follow me
[5:23] Teyara Mayo: and if you can bring back my memory it will be good
[5:23] Teyara Mayo: wow .. professional

They have gone Aki's consultation room.

[5:24] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): Teyara, plese lay down here
[5:24] Teyara Mayo feels the cold air
[5:25] Teyara Mayo: wthell is this ?
[5:25] Akix Lemon: no problem
[5:25] luice String holds Tey's hands
[5:25] Teyara Mayo seeing light surrounded her
[5:25] Akix Lemon: look around her body ...

[5:27] luice String whispers to Aki ~ She is dragon, very rare race....I dont know Dragon's ecology~
[5:27] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): (smile a cruel)
[5:27] Teyara Mayo looks at both of them
[5:27] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): whispers ~Shall we plant the tentacle on her~
[5:28] luice String whispers ~thats good idea~
[5:28] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): (Of course)
[5:28] Teyara Mayo: mmm doctor ?
[5:28] Teyara Mayo: are you done
[5:29] Teyara Mayo wonder what they are whispering about

Doctor Aki did something on Tey's body...
Tentacles has grown up from Teyara's tummy.....awwwww

[5:29] luice String: oops
[5:29] Teyara Mayo: wooo hoooo
[5:29] Teyara Mayo: what the heck is that coming out from my tummy
[5:29] luice String: creeeeepy....
[5:29] luice String: steps back
[5:30] Teyara Mayo screams in pain
[5:30] Akix Lemon: 問題ないわ
[5:30] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): Its fine
[5:30] Teyara Mayo feels the thing sufforcating her
[5:30] Akix Lemon: もうすぐ、貴方は頭痛を感じなくて済むようになるわよ
[5:30] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): Your headache wll be removed soon.
[5:31] Teyara Mayo fainted

[5:33] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): This tentacle will disappeare after her headache is removed

[5:34] Teyara Mayo cries in the dream
[5:34] luice String pokes Tey
[5:34] Teyara Mayo opens her eyes
[5:34] luice String: Hey Teyara, treatment is finished
[5:34] Teyara Mayo blink
[5:34] Teyara Mayo: finished?
[5:34] luice String: how are you? *smile*
[5:35] Teyara Mayo sits up
[5:35] luice String: ok doctor
[5:35] Teyara Mayo: my headache is gone
[5:35] luice String: thats good^^
[5:35] Teyara Mayo: smiles
[5:35] Teyara Mayo: feels good
[5:35] Teyara Mayo: the doctor is good
[5:35] luice String: haha yes she is

Poor Teyara lost her memory again.....
But it is happy for her to loose memory of tentacle...giggles.

Teyara lost her memory...eeps

((This RP log has been edited to shorten.))

Today GK secretary luice was wearing maid dress...lol

GinLow Swords is CEO of GK Enterprise, and Teyara of Mythos is GinLow's younger sister.
One day Teyara visited to GK diner, then GK secretary luice received Teyara.

[4:53] Teyara Mayo: hehe
[4:53] Teyara Mayo: scrub the floor
[4:53] luice String: I am lazy maid :p
[4:54] Teyara Mayo: i'll make my brother to make you scrub the floor
[4:54] Teyara Mayo: grins
[4:54] luice String: I never!
[4:54] luice String: My work is to kill people for my master xD
[4:54] Teyara Mayo: secretly you have to treat me good..
[4:54] luice String: mmm why
[4:55] Teyara Mayo: coz i am someone younger sister
[4:55] Teyara Mayo: grins
[4:55] luice String: awww

[5:00] luice String: I am always afraid that he runs around to play with other women
[5:00] luice String: So I have to remove womens from around him......
[5:00] Teyara Mayo: eeek
[5:00] Teyara Mayo: political woman ...
[5:00] luice String: whispers~ by force~
[5:00] Teyara Mayo nods ~ i think he is dummy ceo for this company~
[5:01] luice String: eeek no no
[5:01] Teyara Mayo: no wonder he has no money when i ask for allowance
[5:01] luice String: No no he is CEO.....but our company is very poor
[5:02] luice String: 'cause someone steals money, pizza, or so on
[5:02] Teyara Mayo whispers ~ don't think i don't know, you all are running underground business~
[5:02] Teyara Mayo: this diner is just a cover up for your tax money
[5:02] luice String: awwww
[5:02] luice String: You know my secret.....
[5:02] luice String: I have to close your mouth.....
[5:02] Teyara Mayo: dont killl me !!!!
[5:02] Teyara Mayo: omg
[5:03] Teyara Mayo prepare to run
[5:03] Teyara Mayo: maybe i should kill the maid
[5:03] Teyara Mayo: so i get some allowances

~Battle Battle Battle~

[5:05] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Teyara Mayo has been defeated by luice String!

[5:09] luice String whispers to Tey' ear "This is dream...you drunk rum too much"

[5:09] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String uses Resuss2 on Teyara Mayo

[5:09] luice String: Oh good morning Tey
[5:09] Teyara Mayo mubbles ~rum~
[5:10] Teyara Mayo feels pain in her butt
[5:10] luice String: Tey got drunk too much and behave violently....
[5:10] luice String: bad girl
[5:10] Teyara Mayo: mmhmmm
[5:10] Teyara Mayo: am i?
[5:10] luice String nods deeply
[5:10] Teyara Mayo picks up a bullet from her nagas skins... who shoot me ?
[5:11] Teyara Mayo stares at luice
[5:11] luice String: errrmmm it is.....
[5:11] luice String: I had no choice....I had to soothe you
[5:11] luice String: You are dragon....
[5:12] luice String: and I am a weak girl
[5:12] Teyara Mayo: oooh


XRPS Combat Drama Universe

Legend Kingdom(sunset)

A few months ago, I came to "Kingdom of Legend" universe from another universe to avoid OOC drama.
I am sad to say this truth, there is OOC drama in any combat RP universes without exception....(I think OOC drama is relatively few in KoL universe.) A major cause is IC/OOC mixing always....

To separate OOC and IC is a bit difficult for any players, we have to keep effort to do so.
Now I introduce some typical example of spoiling RP.

Whinners-People who don't accept defeat and just likes only to win.

Player A defeated player B.

Player B: Fuck!! bitch!!!(or all manner of abuse)

This is very boring line.
When you have been defeated, you should roleplay as got a serious injury but still keep consciousness.OK you can abuse the person who defeated you, of course.However you can roleplay like this.
"/me spits blood and strains his voice "Fuck...."
This is more likeable.

Player B: Wow you are ganker! 3 against only me! Cowards!!!!

No, it's just because all your companions have abandoned you here.
In addition, though I personally dislike attack against outnumbered people, it's still a form of RP.This is Dark RP. Gangsters are here and there.
Accept defeat and rolplay as victim, don't be whinner.

Player B: Your gun is hell laggy!!! I cant move when I am being shot!!!

No, my gun is not laggy....and Sim based lag is fair to everyone.

Player B: Weapon stucking! Your sword must be enhanced!1!!

Currently weapon API for XRPS has not been released.
Even if I have API things, I cant use it without permission from universe owners.

Player A kneels down and grabs player B's tail, then cuts it by her sword.
Player B: Admin Call!!!!! You violated my RP limit, I dont roleplay mutilation!! You are cheater!!1!

You don't have to call admin for such trifling reason....
If my RP broke your RP limits, just IM me please.
I'm here to share fun with you all, I don't want to do what you hate.

Combat Junkies
-They don't roleplay but are waiting to jump into battle.

When I roleplay with player B and starte battle fairly, combat junkies jumps into the battle with no warning. They come on in a great swarm, and never RP if they have defeated me.
The best thing they can do is to play gesture like "Mwuhahahahaha".
They say that they jumped in to help player B because B is their friend or allies.
At least, please try to know the reason why I and B were fighting.
Combat junkies just spoil the story which I and B were trying to make.

The important thing, RP is not such game to vie with one another for victory, but the game to cooperate with one another for story.
If you met with me in Kingdom, I might be not friendly....but it is only in IC.
I am here to play Dark RP.
Please IM me if you want to talk with me OOCly :-)

Let's be friend OOCly and be hostile ICly!


Valantine Lingerie Party in Kingdom of Legend :-D

Today Valantine Lingerie Party was held in Kingdom of Legend....
Valentine Lingerie Party in KoL

Dress code of this party was lingerie....*laughs*

Do you like party in RP SIM?
When I was in NoR before, there were many street party at Megapolis or Remembrance, which was center SIMs of universe.
Some players complained for it. They said that street party in center SIM is disrupting RP.

In my opinion, this problem is a difference of view.
Party is NOT place for gesturebating or OOC crap, but a stage of Roleplay, I think.
In party, we can roleplay flirting/drinking/instigating/pickpocketing/molestation and more and more...xD

Valentine Lingerie Party in KoL
[16:33] Arian Beresford: none told me anything
[16:33] Arian Beresford: :(
[16:33] Arian Beresford: am i not sexy?
[16:34] luice String runs her pow on Arian's butt quickly
[16:34] Arian Beresford: oh ohhhh
[16:34] luice String: sorry mistake *giggles*
[16:34] Arian Beresford: giggless
[16:35] Leo Thirroul: ohh luice I saw that!
[16:36] Mephisto Rieko: Wait if you saw that... were you staring at her ass?
[16:36] Leo Thirroul: Ummm
[16:36] Leo Thirroul whistles
[16:36] Leo Thirroul: I see everything!

Parties are an opportunity to roleplay something other than combat.
Fight/Defeat/Capture is not the only form of RP.


Titan Industries (3)

This is my personal memo....

Titan Industries are very popular in Combat roleplay universes.
One of my favorite weapon makers. ^^

Guns from Titan Indsuries are
-many variable settings.
-very easy to see the line of bullets.(good for aiming).
-bullets hits even if the target is very near to shooter.
-Some of them are banned in each XRPS universes.
-Some of them don't suit to weapon regulations of XRPS universes.

Name price clip size attach point my impression
AK5 Variable right hand This gun has "spread:x" setting. It determines the radius of bullet diffusion. The bullets will hit within a X-meter radius from aiming point at 100-meter from the shooter.
BPS collision effect velocity Dual
variable(Max18) on/off variable no

Name price clip size attach point my impression
MP5N 30(fixed) right hand This gun is reloaded when you press A+D key at same time. For this reason, unwilling reload happens frequently. It's not good for battle.
BPS collision effect velocity Dual
fixed(about15) no variable no

Name price clip size attach point my impression
MP9 250 right hand This gun has "spread:x" setting. It determines the radius of bullet diffusion. The bullets will hit within a X-meter radius from aiming point at 100-meter from the shooter.
BPS collision effect velocity Dual
variable on/off variable no


Noob Fest!

Alica on station of Legend Kingdom
Today Noob Fest 2010 is held in kingdom!
We all make new sheet by /9swap and became Noob! lol
Everyone became low level and enjoyed RP and battle xD.
This is great fun....

My sister luice String turned to Neko DPS...
[3:52] Minni Fhang: why there is rat on your head?
[3:52] luice String: eek? where is rat? *looks around*
[3:52] Minni Fhang: eeek
[3:52] Minni Fhang: giggles
[3:52] luice String: no rat except you!
[3:52] Minni Fhang points to her head
[3:52] luice String: pouts
[3:52] Minni Fhang: ***(¨^^¨Mua Mua Mua Muaaaa´¨^^¨´)***
[3:52] luice String turns her face to back
[3:53] luice String: You are cheating me!


Dr.Ann turned to Annt! eeeek

[2:13] Ann Fizir make my antenna vibratin in a way to ticling you
[2:13] luice String pokes antenna softly
[2:13] Ann Fizir vibrating as laughing
[2:14] Ann Fizir make anterna vibratin on you cheek, on you belly. Discovering
[2:14] luice String: giggles
[2:14] luice String: I dont have food

Drunk angel was in Bar :D
[4:04] luice String: This big butterfly drinks from bottle directry
[4:05] luice String: very strong!
[4:05] Minni Fhang: mmmhmm
[4:05] Minni Fhang: maybe she want to passout quickly
[4:05] Minni Fhang has an evil thoughts
[4:05] Vichonette Constantine: pfft! I'm no butterfly and I'm not passing out any time soon

Everyone enjoyed another character freely XDDD