Bandit Roleplay in XRPS.

XRPS Trans-pass has been running for 1 week in Judgment and Kingdom of Legends.
It seems that many people are enjoying this new system. Even though there are many opposite opinions on forum, people who agrees this change don't have to post something...In the fact, lots of people including players who have lost much XP are accepting Trans-pass.

Sometimes I also visit Judgment using Trans-pass. --->SLURL
They made Grudge SIM at north of Judgment. This is hard combat oriented SIM...you don't have to say even 1 word before kick some asses in this SIM. So here is filled with heavy combat players always...lol.

Currently almost of people in here are separated to 2 factions(Hell Viking or not Hell Viking) and fighting against each other repeatedly...
For me, I don't like such politics so I haven't joined in neither of them...but I have kicked asses of both factions...lol

I recommend you to roleplay before and after combat even if SIM rule doesn't require it...its natural that people feel unpleasant if one was killed with no warning and just left.
I am positive that I am also one of combat junkies...but I always try roleplay before and after combat...for me, I am too strong to attack someone suddenly without warning lol. Yes...I affirm that people who attack only suddenly without warning are just weak.

In Judgment, my roleplay is a bandit...xD
Yesterday I tried to rob money at Grudge....lol

[8:01] luice String: Hey Mr. *aims her gun to Krinter*
[8:01] Krinter Clowes: hm ?
[8:01] Krinter Clowes slowly turns around
[8:02] Krinter Clowes percks up one of his eyebrows as he eyes her gun aimed at him ... * may i help you ? *
[8:02] luice String: Nothing especially....I just want your wallet *giggles*
[8:02] luice String: In other words, Im an bandit....
[8:03] Krinter Clowes cant help but laughs ..* well .. come and take it ... my hands are a lil busy ... * he says that while sheath his blade and reloading his rifle
[8:03] luice String: oh you that kind? *giggles innocently and walks to approach Krinter*
[8:04] Krinter Clowes cracks a smile as he watches her hands closely .. * sure... stuf fit into my pocket and you'll get there *
[8:04] Krinter Clowes: stuff it *
[8:04] luice String: Give me your wallet *reaches her hand to Krinters pocket keeping her aiming to him*
[8:05] luice String grabes the wallet and turns around and ruunnn
[8:05] Krinter Clowes quickly slaps his hands on hers as he take one lil step back * thats gonna hurt *

and battle battle battle...
Then his friend came to support him so I have run away!
wow I could meet nice roleplayer xD
He was nice RP fighter...but sometimes I am just stunned and hit by other player as a response to my RP lol


XRPS TransPass system

New XRPS TransPass System is now Running in KoL and Judgement!
Your XP earned in these universe are added to both sheet. ^_^
I hope that many universes joins this TransPass.

However I heard some complaints for this new system from people who made new sheet.

1."XP/level is decreased?"

According to announcement from XRPS management, nothing has been lost. It's revaluation. All time you spent in XRPS universe are calculated. For long time, XP ticks are very high in many universes. The recalculation is done with lower XP tick, so it looks like decrease.
In addition, level table is changed. This is same in TransPass universes.
Old 17 level matches new 13 level. --->URL of new XRPS Level table
This new table seems to be designed for lower level players. Leveling up is faster in early period, and for high level players, it becomes slow. This is nice idea, god like super power character is not needed...I think. :p

For me, XP is changed from 340K to 200K though, I don't think my XP is decreased.
If you still feel it is strange, I recommend to post it to XRPS forum.

(PS. I heard the rumor that the recalculation does not include WARPS XP. So many players are dissatisfied.)

2."This profits campers"

Well, campers are high level always. I know a character (Not in KoL) who stands on the top of building all the day. I can see her alt in another universe at the same time lol. She and her many alts are all high level...lol
But don't care, they don't know roleplay...they are just waiting for battle and jumps in it..... You don't have to involve them into your story....
At least, high level sheets based on incorrect transfer are removed by this recalculation.


a day in Fight Club

Today I recieved 4 guests in my fight club....yay xD
((This log is edited to shorten for blog))

Nebula, Kanneth, Doll, and Zanna :-)

[8:08] luice String: what can I pour for you?
[8:09] Nebula Hissop: milk pls with a shot of rum
[8:09] luice String: Okay
[8:10] luice String kneels and took out a bottle and milk pack, pours them into a glass
[8:10] luice String puts the glass in front of Nebula
[8:10] Nebula Hissop smiles * thank you verry much , what do i own you ?
[8:11] luice String: well, 1 silver coin or....if you defeat me in spar, I will treat free drinks to you *laughs*
[8:12] Nebula Hissop smiles * well as i am not really awake yet i'll pay

Doll, who is a cyborg girl, ordered an damned menu....

[8:11] Doll Core: tritium water...10liter
[8:14] Doll Core: and uranium for side dish ...
[8:15] luice String: wait....I don't have radioactive materials....
[8:17] Doll Core: well...then, go to Chernobyl...
[8:19] Doll Core: I'm hungry....tritium and uranium....at least....plutonium please
[8:20] luice String sighs...."Hey doll, radiation is danger to me. If you need it, please talk to GK engineers"

I ignored her order....lol

[8:21] luice String: Zanna
[8:21] Zanna Silversmith: hum?
[8:21] luice String: what can I pour for you? I hope you dont want radioactive marerial...
[8:24] Zanna Silversmith smiles "I want milk. plz"
[8:25] luice String pours milk into a glass and put it in front of Zanna.

But Doll importunared....awww

[8:27] Doll Core: then,give me tritium and uranium...Please
[8:28] luice String: I said I dont have those materials!
[8:29] luice String: But here is fight club....if you want to force me to feed you, fight against me and win *smile*
[8:31] luice String: Hey doll, would you fight with me?
[8:37] Doll Core: yes...
[8:37] luice String: Come on!

The result was....

[8:43] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String has been defeated by Doll Core!
[8:43] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Doll Core has been defeated by luice String!

double knock out! xD

[8:43] Zanna Silversmith: GF both
[8:44] Nebula Hissop: nice fight lady's

[8:44] luice String: okay Doll, I will prepare radioactive materials
[8:44] luice String: for next time...
[8:45] Doll Core: soon...if you can...
[8:45] luice String spits blood "I cant move now....."

In this club, might is right....lol
I'm waiting for your visit at my fight club! SURL


Fight Club

I opened a club in Dread, at behind of GK Enterprise office!-SURL
FightClub GK
The first floor is Arena, second floor is seats for chill out :-)
FightClub GK
This club is for all fighters who love fighting(Of course, others are also welcome ^^ ). If you are bored or wanted to train fighting skill, please come here to look for fighting partner. Let's enjoy fair fight without ooc drama xD.
There are various level staff, you can find fighting partner whose level matches to you. Any rule of which each fighters agreed is OK. 1on1, team battle, melee fight, shooting fight etc.....
Talk to staff, then you can register to the score board. Your win and lose will be recorded on this board :-)
FightClub GK
Monthly winner will get some reward....I am considering what is good for the reward.xD

Current champion is luice...who is the most skilled fighter in GK xD
If you defeated her, I will treat free drink and free food to you. lol
FightClub GK


GK cheese final!

After the announcement from XRPS management, XRPS players seem to be a bit upset...
However, GK is running our diner in Dread as usual.

Today Minni of ROUSAS Rats, who watch for a chance to get cheese from GK, came to diner...

((This log is edited to remove spam))
[4:17] Minni Fhang peeks from the window
[4:17] luice String looks at Minni through the window
[4:18] Minni Fhang: the cook !!! your friend betray you !!
[4:18] Mizuki Windlow moves to behind luice
[4:18] luice String blinks "eep? whom do you mean?"
[4:18] Minni Fhang: give me the cheese or i kill you
[4:18] luice String: No one in GK betray!
[4:18] Minni Fhang grins ~ points to her back ~


[4:21] luice String: Mizuki...? you did?
[4:21] Minni Fhang nods "I never tell lies."
[4:21] Mizuki Windlow: you are good friend,luice
[4:21] Mizuki Windlow: but,money is more good friend❤
[4:21] luice String draws gun and start full-scale sprint
[4:21] Minni Fhang: mizuki you have to help me now

battle battle battle...

[4:26] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String has been defeated by Mizuki Windlow!

[4:27] Minni Fhang points her gun at luices mouth "Now tell me where is the cheese!"
[4:28] luice String: "Okay....follow me....but don't forget...our boss never forgive both of you!"

As there is no other choice, luice guided them to cheese store in 7th floor of GK office.

[4:32] Minni Fhang: woohooo
[4:32] luice String asks plaintively "please dont steal all...."
[4:32] Minni Fhang: awww
[4:33] Minni Fhang hops "mine mine mine!"
[4:33] Minni Fhang jumps around

[4:36] Minni Fhang thinks ~ i will keep one for my rabbit friend~
[4:36] Minni Fhang: see ya all, thank you!
[4:36] luice String: *glares Minni's back*

2 months ago, we rats and GK have started an RP campaign. It started by this notice....

After the bioweapon's escape.....GK enterprise has been in business slump.Though their bioweapons were eliminated soon, the business loss was huge.So CEO GinLow devised a last-ditch plan to save the GK!
CEO is considering delivery pizza for their new business.Now they are developing new pizza, so their hidden storehouse is filled with various high quality cheese!
But they are taking precaution....because, there are dangerous rats in Dread.So, the place where cheese is hidden is secret for almost employees.Only chief cock knows the hidden storehouse.In addition, almost employees don't know even who is the chief cook.Each ones has information about chief cook, little by little.

Luice was the cook! Finally rats reached to the secret, and they have stolen all cheese from GK.....*giggles* Those log were posted on Minni's blog and this blog.
Luice of GK and Minni&Gimpy of Rousas held preliminary discussion OOCly to make this IC war. Such organized RP like this can be great fun...:-) That's the reason why I insist that "Make OOC friendship with IC enemies". OOC friendship enables to have drastic Roleplay....xD

Kingdom is a Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community in Second Life.
- If you are interested, please visit kingdom and speak to one of Kingdom Mentors. In addition, visit our website.
- The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the XRPS Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout Kingdom.
~~~ ** ~~~ NOTICE ~~~ ** ~~~
Kingdom is based in Mature SIMs and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 YEARS or older to be in our game.


Big change of XRPS

XRPS Management announced big change of XRPS.
I reprint it on here.....

---- XRPS Unified XP Press Release ----

The XRPS Management is implementing a better and more efficient way to manage the XRPS Player Sheets that will enable all players to move throughout all XRPS Universes using the same level table. The new system is designed to promote balance and equitable XRPS player sheets by having One XRPS level table and the EXP tick be uniformed throughout all XRPS Universes.

The XRPS levels are computed by minutes in XRPS and a variety of other calculations will also be included on your XRPS player stats sheet. Each XRPS player will know exactly what and why they received the XP level they receive and how it was determined.

The goals of XRPS Management has always been and remains focused on their players and that they enjoy both the XRPS Meter and the XRPS Universes.

The premium XRPS universe owners have been informed and were invited to an open discussion to talk about the upcoming changes and can answer many of your questions and concerns. Contact Izzebella Rossini (XRPS Manager) or Baron Nowhere (XRPS Owner) for any additional details, or visit the XRPS Forums to discuss: http://forums.nextrps.com

- XRPS Management


And more detail is written in here.

The important things for players is.....
1. All characters' XP will be recalculated. The calculation is based on the time that each characters spend in XRPS universes.
2. XP tick will become same in all universes.
3. Each universes can have their ruleset of Race/Class/Skill though, XP is unified. You can have different character sheets in each universes, and XP which you earned in one universe will be added to all character sheets!
4.This change is done on Friday.

I love this change...
Well our XP will be decreased...I will loose XP rewards which I had recieved...
People will complain about this. However, based on long-term vision, I believe that this change will strengthen the XRPS community.
We XRPS players have been separated to each universes so far, being bound by XP.
After this change, we will really become a member of XRPS community.

To lure players by high XP tick will end...Now universes will have to lure players by their characteristic. Forbidden City might be featured by big clan war...while Kingdom of Legends is featured by beautiful dark-gothic RP environment.
Players can wander all universes as one like...
Baron said this change is designed to profit all players...I'm positive that it is so.

I hope this change will be done successfully!