New Melee Weapon :Carrot Sword

The Rampage Rabbits, who settle on the roof of GK diner, has started cultivation recently.

In former times those bad rabbits did robbery to get food, but they found the delight of cultivation...
Now they are going to spread cultivation in kingdom...it's causing me a headache...awww

RP log (Edited)

Coppelia: After we rabbits conquer this kingdom, we will force to cultivate carrot to all people...so you should get to like carrots!
********: *laughs* so I would have to die....I am cannnibalist forever.
Coppelia: Don't say so without trying them! *pushes her carrot against ***'s mouth*
********:/me bites a sup of the carrot and spits it at coppelia's face.
Coppelia: ohhh I don't forgive such act to carrot!
Coppelia:/me pokes **** with the carrot quickly.

and battle battle...lol

*Rabbit Punch* Carrot Sword
This carrots can be used as melee weapon, which is compatible to XRPS, DCS, CCS or some other combat systems. (No enhanced damage)

This is sold in Factory of Ishtar main shop...xD >>SLURL

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