Many thanks to KoL.

Kingdom of Legends is going to go....
Legend Kingdom

KoL manager pronounced that they are going to part with Kingdom. If new owner won't be found, then KoL universe will disappear from XRPS within a month...
I deeply appreciate to Kingdom of Legends managers. KoL was most beautiful universe in XRPS...I enjoyed here very much so far. :-)

Last week, Forbidden City was closed too. Now premium universes of XRPS are only 2, Judgment and Lost City.
My RP clan GK was formed in NoR about 1.5years ago...We moved our base to Judgment last summer because NoR shifted to DCS universe. We moved again to KoL a half year ago again.
This time, we decided not to move our base for a while. Though I will visit Judgment and Lost City frequently...there are my friends which are most important thing I obtained in XRPS....I have to fight against a Drow who live in LC lol, but GK will also look for something new to begin. :-)

In these days my best concern was to enliven the Kingdom and make fun in XRPS...we were working for some plans...but it became useless now...situations around XRPS universes seems unstable currently...so, we want to have our base in settled place.

GK never die...we will enjoy what we can do. xD

Kingdom of Legend


  1. well, no matter of what, one thing is for sure, XRPS owner is trying to overtake domination since its evident how "she" is loosing players...pity, FC was the greatest sim place i have ever play...after NOR in its best times, KL was on my personally 2nd place of best sims....Judgement is just a sim....i never actually played it since i was immediately banned out of it at just few days after it was opened....well, not coz i did something wrong,..but more coz of prevention to not do something wrong...that was the strategy by Izze :))
    greethings from Gagi...btw; see our friends blog; http://xrps.blog.hr/

  2. Thank you for your comment Gagi xD
    I have known that blog since it had started, and subscribed to feed haha.
    I know the blogger of Forbidden Thought loves XRPS Rolplayy & Combat game...she even made great video for tutorial XRPS....that's the reason why she also says critical opinion sometimes...
    But some managers of some community don't want such opinion...they say it is destructive rants 0.0
    I think its better for her to state her opinion that avoided being too harsh ^^;