Delusion Kingdom, aka Goth Kingdom

Do you have interest in life in XRPS roleplay area?
Kingdom of Legends management has built gothic city in Delusion Kingdom.
Delusion Kingdom1

This town is gothic theme residential area, which is primarily focusing on roleplay. Residing in roleplay area is different with it in other places. You have to keep up universe rules and can't set security system, locked door or so on. In return, you can involve people in your RP or be involved in RP...it might be a crime...yes, I heard that rabbit bandits haunt this Kingdom. lol
Delusion Kingdom1

luice and her hubby rented a house in here...so she is wearing gothic clothing recently.*laughs*
I think usual luice who is mechanized killer doesn't suit to gothic theme...:p
Delusion Kingdom3

If you want to live in theme town in XRPS rather than lotting-out land which is messy like main land, try to see Delusion Kingdom. xD
Delusion Kingdom4

Default price: 500L$/week for 150prim.
additional:+150L$/week for +50prim.

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