GK cheese final!

After the announcement from XRPS management, XRPS players seem to be a bit upset...
However, GK is running our diner in Dread as usual.

Today Minni of ROUSAS Rats, who watch for a chance to get cheese from GK, came to diner...

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[4:17] Minni Fhang peeks from the window
[4:17] luice String looks at Minni through the window
[4:18] Minni Fhang: the cook !!! your friend betray you !!
[4:18] Mizuki Windlow moves to behind luice
[4:18] luice String blinks "eep? whom do you mean?"
[4:18] Minni Fhang: give me the cheese or i kill you
[4:18] luice String: No one in GK betray!
[4:18] Minni Fhang grins ~ points to her back ~


[4:21] luice String: Mizuki...? you did?
[4:21] Minni Fhang nods "I never tell lies."
[4:21] Mizuki Windlow: you are good friend,luice
[4:21] Mizuki Windlow: but,money is more good friend❤
[4:21] luice String draws gun and start full-scale sprint
[4:21] Minni Fhang: mizuki you have to help me now

battle battle battle...

[4:26] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String has been defeated by Mizuki Windlow!

[4:27] Minni Fhang points her gun at luices mouth "Now tell me where is the cheese!"
[4:28] luice String: "Okay....follow me....but don't forget...our boss never forgive both of you!"

As there is no other choice, luice guided them to cheese store in 7th floor of GK office.

[4:32] Minni Fhang: woohooo
[4:32] luice String asks plaintively "please dont steal all...."
[4:32] Minni Fhang: awww
[4:33] Minni Fhang hops "mine mine mine!"
[4:33] Minni Fhang jumps around

[4:36] Minni Fhang thinks ~ i will keep one for my rabbit friend~
[4:36] Minni Fhang: see ya all, thank you!
[4:36] luice String: *glares Minni's back*

2 months ago, we rats and GK have started an RP campaign. It started by this notice....

After the bioweapon's escape.....GK enterprise has been in business slump.Though their bioweapons were eliminated soon, the business loss was huge.So CEO GinLow devised a last-ditch plan to save the GK!
CEO is considering delivery pizza for their new business.Now they are developing new pizza, so their hidden storehouse is filled with various high quality cheese!
But they are taking precaution....because, there are dangerous rats in Dread.So, the place where cheese is hidden is secret for almost employees.Only chief cock knows the hidden storehouse.In addition, almost employees don't know even who is the chief cook.Each ones has information about chief cook, little by little.

Luice was the cook! Finally rats reached to the secret, and they have stolen all cheese from GK.....*giggles* Those log were posted on Minni's blog and this blog.
Luice of GK and Minni&Gimpy of Rousas held preliminary discussion OOCly to make this IC war. Such organized RP like this can be great fun...:-) That's the reason why I insist that "Make OOC friendship with IC enemies". OOC friendship enables to have drastic Roleplay....xD

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