Fight Club

I opened a club in Dread, at behind of GK Enterprise office!-SURL
FightClub GK
The first floor is Arena, second floor is seats for chill out :-)
FightClub GK
This club is for all fighters who love fighting(Of course, others are also welcome ^^ ). If you are bored or wanted to train fighting skill, please come here to look for fighting partner. Let's enjoy fair fight without ooc drama xD.
There are various level staff, you can find fighting partner whose level matches to you. Any rule of which each fighters agreed is OK. 1on1, team battle, melee fight, shooting fight etc.....
Talk to staff, then you can register to the score board. Your win and lose will be recorded on this board :-)
FightClub GK
Monthly winner will get some reward....I am considering what is good for the reward.xD

Current champion is luice...who is the most skilled fighter in GK xD
If you defeated her, I will treat free drink and free food to you. lol
FightClub GK

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