a day in Fight Club

Today I recieved 4 guests in my fight club....yay xD
((This log is edited to shorten for blog))

Nebula, Kanneth, Doll, and Zanna :-)

[8:08] luice String: what can I pour for you?
[8:09] Nebula Hissop: milk pls with a shot of rum
[8:09] luice String: Okay
[8:10] luice String kneels and took out a bottle and milk pack, pours them into a glass
[8:10] luice String puts the glass in front of Nebula
[8:10] Nebula Hissop smiles * thank you verry much , what do i own you ?
[8:11] luice String: well, 1 silver coin or....if you defeat me in spar, I will treat free drinks to you *laughs*
[8:12] Nebula Hissop smiles * well as i am not really awake yet i'll pay

Doll, who is a cyborg girl, ordered an damned menu....

[8:11] Doll Core: tritium water...10liter
[8:14] Doll Core: and uranium for side dish ...
[8:15] luice String: wait....I don't have radioactive materials....
[8:17] Doll Core: well...then, go to Chernobyl...
[8:19] Doll Core: I'm hungry....tritium and uranium....at least....plutonium please
[8:20] luice String sighs...."Hey doll, radiation is danger to me. If you need it, please talk to GK engineers"

I ignored her order....lol

[8:21] luice String: Zanna
[8:21] Zanna Silversmith: hum?
[8:21] luice String: what can I pour for you? I hope you dont want radioactive marerial...
[8:24] Zanna Silversmith smiles "I want milk. plz"
[8:25] luice String pours milk into a glass and put it in front of Zanna.

But Doll importunared....awww

[8:27] Doll Core: then,give me tritium and uranium...Please
[8:28] luice String: I said I dont have those materials!
[8:29] luice String: But here is fight club....if you want to force me to feed you, fight against me and win *smile*
[8:31] luice String: Hey doll, would you fight with me?
[8:37] Doll Core: yes...
[8:37] luice String: Come on!

The result was....

[8:43] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String has been defeated by Doll Core!
[8:43] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Doll Core has been defeated by luice String!

double knock out! xD

[8:43] Zanna Silversmith: GF both
[8:44] Nebula Hissop: nice fight lady's

[8:44] luice String: okay Doll, I will prepare radioactive materials
[8:44] luice String: for next time...
[8:45] Doll Core: soon...if you can...
[8:45] luice String spits blood "I cant move now....."

In this club, might is right....lol
I'm waiting for your visit at my fight club! SURL

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