Big change of XRPS

XRPS Management announced big change of XRPS.
I reprint it on here.....

---- XRPS Unified XP Press Release ----

The XRPS Management is implementing a better and more efficient way to manage the XRPS Player Sheets that will enable all players to move throughout all XRPS Universes using the same level table. The new system is designed to promote balance and equitable XRPS player sheets by having One XRPS level table and the EXP tick be uniformed throughout all XRPS Universes.

The XRPS levels are computed by minutes in XRPS and a variety of other calculations will also be included on your XRPS player stats sheet. Each XRPS player will know exactly what and why they received the XP level they receive and how it was determined.

The goals of XRPS Management has always been and remains focused on their players and that they enjoy both the XRPS Meter and the XRPS Universes.

The premium XRPS universe owners have been informed and were invited to an open discussion to talk about the upcoming changes and can answer many of your questions and concerns. Contact Izzebella Rossini (XRPS Manager) or Baron Nowhere (XRPS Owner) for any additional details, or visit the XRPS Forums to discuss: http://forums.nextrps.com

- XRPS Management


And more detail is written in here.

The important things for players is.....
1. All characters' XP will be recalculated. The calculation is based on the time that each characters spend in XRPS universes.
2. XP tick will become same in all universes.
3. Each universes can have their ruleset of Race/Class/Skill though, XP is unified. You can have different character sheets in each universes, and XP which you earned in one universe will be added to all character sheets!
4.This change is done on Friday.

I love this change...
Well our XP will be decreased...I will loose XP rewards which I had recieved...
People will complain about this. However, based on long-term vision, I believe that this change will strengthen the XRPS community.
We XRPS players have been separated to each universes so far, being bound by XP.
After this change, we will really become a member of XRPS community.

To lure players by high XP tick will end...Now universes will have to lure players by their characteristic. Forbidden City might be featured by big clan war...while Kingdom of Legends is featured by beautiful dark-gothic RP environment.
Players can wander all universes as one like...
Baron said this change is designed to profit all players...I'm positive that it is so.

I hope this change will be done successfully!

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