XRPS TransPass system

New XRPS TransPass System is now Running in KoL and Judgement!
Your XP earned in these universe are added to both sheet. ^_^
I hope that many universes joins this TransPass.

However I heard some complaints for this new system from people who made new sheet.

1."XP/level is decreased?"

According to announcement from XRPS management, nothing has been lost. It's revaluation. All time you spent in XRPS universe are calculated. For long time, XP ticks are very high in many universes. The recalculation is done with lower XP tick, so it looks like decrease.
In addition, level table is changed. This is same in TransPass universes.
Old 17 level matches new 13 level. --->URL of new XRPS Level table
This new table seems to be designed for lower level players. Leveling up is faster in early period, and for high level players, it becomes slow. This is nice idea, god like super power character is not needed...I think. :p

For me, XP is changed from 340K to 200K though, I don't think my XP is decreased.
If you still feel it is strange, I recommend to post it to XRPS forum.

(PS. I heard the rumor that the recalculation does not include WARPS XP. So many players are dissatisfied.)

2."This profits campers"

Well, campers are high level always. I know a character (Not in KoL) who stands on the top of building all the day. I can see her alt in another universe at the same time lol. She and her many alts are all high level...lol
But don't care, they don't know roleplay...they are just waiting for battle and jumps in it..... You don't have to involve them into your story....
At least, high level sheets based on incorrect transfer are removed by this recalculation.

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