Bandit Roleplay in XRPS.

XRPS Trans-pass has been running for 1 week in Judgment and Kingdom of Legends.
It seems that many people are enjoying this new system. Even though there are many opposite opinions on forum, people who agrees this change don't have to post something...In the fact, lots of people including players who have lost much XP are accepting Trans-pass.

Sometimes I also visit Judgment using Trans-pass. --->SLURL
They made Grudge SIM at north of Judgment. This is hard combat oriented SIM...you don't have to say even 1 word before kick some asses in this SIM. So here is filled with heavy combat players always...lol.

Currently almost of people in here are separated to 2 factions(Hell Viking or not Hell Viking) and fighting against each other repeatedly...
For me, I don't like such politics so I haven't joined in neither of them...but I have kicked asses of both factions...lol

I recommend you to roleplay before and after combat even if SIM rule doesn't require it...its natural that people feel unpleasant if one was killed with no warning and just left.
I am positive that I am also one of combat junkies...but I always try roleplay before and after combat...for me, I am too strong to attack someone suddenly without warning lol. Yes...I affirm that people who attack only suddenly without warning are just weak.

In Judgment, my roleplay is a bandit...xD
Yesterday I tried to rob money at Grudge....lol

[8:01] luice String: Hey Mr. *aims her gun to Krinter*
[8:01] Krinter Clowes: hm ?
[8:01] Krinter Clowes slowly turns around
[8:02] Krinter Clowes percks up one of his eyebrows as he eyes her gun aimed at him ... * may i help you ? *
[8:02] luice String: Nothing especially....I just want your wallet *giggles*
[8:02] luice String: In other words, Im an bandit....
[8:03] Krinter Clowes cant help but laughs ..* well .. come and take it ... my hands are a lil busy ... * he says that while sheath his blade and reloading his rifle
[8:03] luice String: oh you that kind? *giggles innocently and walks to approach Krinter*
[8:04] Krinter Clowes cracks a smile as he watches her hands closely .. * sure... stuf fit into my pocket and you'll get there *
[8:04] Krinter Clowes: stuff it *
[8:04] luice String: Give me your wallet *reaches her hand to Krinters pocket keeping her aiming to him*
[8:05] luice String grabes the wallet and turns around and ruunnn
[8:05] Krinter Clowes quickly slaps his hands on hers as he take one lil step back * thats gonna hurt *

and battle battle battle...
Then his friend came to support him so I have run away!
wow I could meet nice roleplayer xD
He was nice RP fighter...but sometimes I am just stunned and hit by other player as a response to my RP lol

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