XRPS players in Avatars United

Skull King Castle2
Builder of Kingdom of Legends is Syrdin. She is the owner of Stone Misery, which is a furniture, scenery, and buildings vendor.
She is great builder so attractive atmosphere pervade the Kingdom...xD
I belive scenery of kingdom is the best in XRPS universes...hehe.

Legend Kingdom

By the way, have you joined Avatars United? I did yesterday xD
Avatars United is a web community like facebook for avatars of online games and virtual worlds.
Linden bought Avatars United so It will become official SL community....:-)

My peofile page

In Avatars United, there is many user's group already.
DCS2(an RP combat system) players have made their big community in Avatars United already....and XRPS players have not.
I think this is good for XRPS players who are separated to many universes. :-)
To have OOC communication will reduce OOC confliction and enables hardcore RP...I think.

If you made account in Avatars United, please unite with me XD.

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