Noob Fest!

Alica on station of Legend Kingdom
Today Noob Fest 2010 is held in kingdom!
We all make new sheet by /9swap and became Noob! lol
Everyone became low level and enjoyed RP and battle xD.
This is great fun....

My sister luice String turned to Neko DPS...
[3:52] Minni Fhang: why there is rat on your head?
[3:52] luice String: eek? where is rat? *looks around*
[3:52] Minni Fhang: eeek
[3:52] Minni Fhang: giggles
[3:52] luice String: no rat except you!
[3:52] Minni Fhang points to her head
[3:52] luice String: pouts
[3:52] Minni Fhang: ***(¨^^¨Mua Mua Mua Muaaaa´¨^^¨´)***
[3:52] luice String turns her face to back
[3:53] luice String: You are cheating me!


Dr.Ann turned to Annt! eeeek

[2:13] Ann Fizir make my antenna vibratin in a way to ticling you
[2:13] luice String pokes antenna softly
[2:13] Ann Fizir vibrating as laughing
[2:14] Ann Fizir make anterna vibratin on you cheek, on you belly. Discovering
[2:14] luice String: giggles
[2:14] luice String: I dont have food

Drunk angel was in Bar :D
[4:04] luice String: This big butterfly drinks from bottle directry
[4:05] luice String: very strong!
[4:05] Minni Fhang: mmmhmm
[4:05] Minni Fhang: maybe she want to passout quickly
[4:05] Minni Fhang has an evil thoughts
[4:05] Vichonette Constantine: pfft! I'm no butterfly and I'm not passing out any time soon

Everyone enjoyed another character freely XDDD

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