Teyara lost her memory...eeps

((This RP log has been edited to shorten.))

Today GK secretary luice was wearing maid dress...lol

GinLow Swords is CEO of GK Enterprise, and Teyara of Mythos is GinLow's younger sister.
One day Teyara visited to GK diner, then GK secretary luice received Teyara.

[4:53] Teyara Mayo: hehe
[4:53] Teyara Mayo: scrub the floor
[4:53] luice String: I am lazy maid :p
[4:54] Teyara Mayo: i'll make my brother to make you scrub the floor
[4:54] Teyara Mayo: grins
[4:54] luice String: I never!
[4:54] luice String: My work is to kill people for my master xD
[4:54] Teyara Mayo: secretly you have to treat me good..
[4:54] luice String: mmm why
[4:55] Teyara Mayo: coz i am someone younger sister
[4:55] Teyara Mayo: grins
[4:55] luice String: awww

[5:00] luice String: I am always afraid that he runs around to play with other women
[5:00] luice String: So I have to remove womens from around him......
[5:00] Teyara Mayo: eeek
[5:00] Teyara Mayo: political woman ...
[5:00] luice String: whispers~ by force~
[5:00] Teyara Mayo nods ~ i think he is dummy ceo for this company~
[5:01] luice String: eeek no no
[5:01] Teyara Mayo: no wonder he has no money when i ask for allowance
[5:01] luice String: No no he is CEO.....but our company is very poor
[5:02] luice String: 'cause someone steals money, pizza, or so on
[5:02] Teyara Mayo whispers ~ don't think i don't know, you all are running underground business~
[5:02] Teyara Mayo: this diner is just a cover up for your tax money
[5:02] luice String: awwww
[5:02] luice String: You know my secret.....
[5:02] luice String: I have to close your mouth.....
[5:02] Teyara Mayo: dont killl me !!!!
[5:02] Teyara Mayo: omg
[5:03] Teyara Mayo prepare to run
[5:03] Teyara Mayo: maybe i should kill the maid
[5:03] Teyara Mayo: so i get some allowances

~Battle Battle Battle~

[5:05] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Teyara Mayo has been defeated by luice String!

[5:09] luice String whispers to Tey' ear "This is dream...you drunk rum too much"

[5:09] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String uses Resuss2 on Teyara Mayo

[5:09] luice String: Oh good morning Tey
[5:09] Teyara Mayo mubbles ~rum~
[5:10] Teyara Mayo feels pain in her butt
[5:10] luice String: Tey got drunk too much and behave violently....
[5:10] luice String: bad girl
[5:10] Teyara Mayo: mmhmmm
[5:10] Teyara Mayo: am i?
[5:10] luice String nods deeply
[5:10] Teyara Mayo picks up a bullet from her nagas skins... who shoot me ?
[5:11] Teyara Mayo stares at luice
[5:11] luice String: errrmmm it is.....
[5:11] luice String: I had no choice....I had to soothe you
[5:11] luice String: You are dragon....
[5:12] luice String: and I am a weak girl
[5:12] Teyara Mayo: oooh

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