Promo video for GK, XRPS, and Kingdom of Legend!

A proud GK member, Aglaia Olifone made new promo video for GK and Kingdom of Legends!
This is really great, please take a look on it!:D

Kingdom is a Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community.
- If you are interested, please visit kingdom and speak to one of Kingdom Mentors. In addition, visit our website.
- The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the XRPS Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout Kingdom.
~~~ ** ~~~ NOTICE ~~~ ** ~~~
Kingdom is based in Mature SIMs and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 YEARS or older to be in our game.

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