Sneaking into Mythos Castle

My name is Coppelia, a member of Rampage Rabbits!
Rabbits is a name of clan, which will be the ruler of the Kingdom of Legends...xD

But Rampage Rabbits are small clan...only two members yet.
So I have to earn money to enliven us.......*grins*

There is Mythos Castle in Dread town.
They must be rich....I decided to rob their wealth!
Today I went to Mythos castle....

[4:08] Coppelia Mint: Raise your hands! *aims her gun to Mythos*
[4:09] Coppelia Mint: Hey!
[4:09] Deac Ambrose: Hey
[4:09] Coppelia Mint: Raise your hands! *aims her gun to Mythos*
[4:09] Coppelia Mint: Give me moneeey!
[4:10] Coppelia Mint: mmm
[4:10] Deac Ambrose: go away
[4:10] Deac Ambrose: leave now or die
[4:11] Coppelia Mint: give me money or die!!


[4:12] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Coppelia Mint has been defeated by Deac Ambrose!

[4:13] Coppelia Mint: oops
[4:13] Deac Ambrose takes her money bag
[4:13] Coppelia Mint: haha its empty
[4:13] Deac Ambrose: now that should teach you
[4:13] Deac Ambrose takes her weapons
[4:13] Coppelia Mint: uggggh
[4:13] Coppelia Mint: I will revenge!!

sob sob.....
Today I learned that robbery is bit difficult for me...
Next time I'll sneak and steal stealthy. >_<

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