Teyara lost her memory.(2)

This is the continuation of last artivle.
((This RP log has been edited to shorten.))

[5:15] Teyara Mayo: my head is as pain as hell
[5:15] luice String: I have never attacked CEO's sister!
[5:16] Teyara Mayo stares at her and wonders on her words

Then, GK doctor Akix came.

[5:16] Akix Lemon: hi
[5:16] Teyara Mayo: hi doctor
[5:16] luice String: Hi doctor

[5:17] Teyara Mayo: i am having severe headache
[5:17] Teyara Mayo: i wonder if the doctor can treat me
[5:17] Teyara Mayo: maybe a pill
[5:17] luice String: wow you want to be treated by doctor?
[5:18] luice String: you are so brave.....
[5:18] Teyara Mayo: is she bad ?
[5:18] luice String: Doctor! Teyara want to be experime.....no, she wants to be treated by you
[5:18] luice String: She has headache
[5:18] Teyara Mayo: yes bad headache
[5:18] luice String: Please see her *smile*
[5:19] Akix Lemon: OK OK *smile *
[5:19] Teyara Mayo smiles ~thank you ~
[5:19] Akix Lemon: luice , あなたは私の助手をしてくれる?
[5:19] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): luice, you will be my assistant?
[5:19] luice String: OK sure
[5:23] Teyara Mayo: kk doctor.. please check my head
[5:23] Akix Lemon: follow me
[5:23] Teyara Mayo: and if you can bring back my memory it will be good
[5:23] Teyara Mayo: wow .. professional

They have gone Aki's consultation room.

[5:24] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): Teyara, plese lay down here
[5:24] Teyara Mayo feels the cold air
[5:25] Teyara Mayo: wthell is this ?
[5:25] Akix Lemon: no problem
[5:25] luice String holds Tey's hands
[5:25] Teyara Mayo seeing light surrounded her
[5:25] Akix Lemon: look around her body ...

[5:27] luice String whispers to Aki ~ She is dragon, very rare race....I dont know Dragon's ecology~
[5:27] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): (smile a cruel)
[5:27] Teyara Mayo looks at both of them
[5:27] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): whispers ~Shall we plant the tentacle on her~
[5:28] luice String whispers ~thats good idea~
[5:28] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): (Of course)
[5:28] Teyara Mayo: mmm doctor ?
[5:28] Teyara Mayo: are you done
[5:29] Teyara Mayo wonder what they are whispering about

Doctor Aki did something on Tey's body...
Tentacles has grown up from Teyara's tummy.....awwwww

[5:29] luice String: oops
[5:29] Teyara Mayo: wooo hoooo
[5:29] Teyara Mayo: what the heck is that coming out from my tummy
[5:29] luice String: creeeeepy....
[5:29] luice String: steps back
[5:30] Teyara Mayo screams in pain
[5:30] Akix Lemon: 問題ないわ
[5:30] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): Its fine
[5:30] Teyara Mayo feels the thing sufforcating her
[5:30] Akix Lemon: もうすぐ、貴方は頭痛を感じなくて済むようになるわよ
[5:30] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): Your headache wll be removed soon.
[5:31] Teyara Mayo fainted

[5:33] Akix Lemon (Q-Translator ja->en): This tentacle will disappeare after her headache is removed

[5:34] Teyara Mayo cries in the dream
[5:34] luice String pokes Tey
[5:34] Teyara Mayo opens her eyes
[5:34] luice String: Hey Teyara, treatment is finished
[5:34] Teyara Mayo blink
[5:34] Teyara Mayo: finished?
[5:34] luice String: how are you? *smile*
[5:35] Teyara Mayo sits up
[5:35] luice String: ok doctor
[5:35] Teyara Mayo: my headache is gone
[5:35] luice String: thats good^^
[5:35] Teyara Mayo: smiles
[5:35] Teyara Mayo: feels good
[5:35] Teyara Mayo: the doctor is good
[5:35] luice String: haha yes she is

Poor Teyara lost her memory again.....
But it is happy for her to loose memory of tentacle...giggles.