XRPS Combat Drama Universe

Legend Kingdom(sunset)

A few months ago, I came to "Kingdom of Legend" universe from another universe to avoid OOC drama.
I am sad to say this truth, there is OOC drama in any combat RP universes without exception....(I think OOC drama is relatively few in KoL universe.) A major cause is IC/OOC mixing always....

To separate OOC and IC is a bit difficult for any players, we have to keep effort to do so.
Now I introduce some typical example of spoiling RP.

Whinners-People who don't accept defeat and just likes only to win.

Player A defeated player B.

Player B: Fuck!! bitch!!!(or all manner of abuse)

This is very boring line.
When you have been defeated, you should roleplay as got a serious injury but still keep consciousness.OK you can abuse the person who defeated you, of course.However you can roleplay like this.
"/me spits blood and strains his voice "Fuck...."
This is more likeable.

Player B: Wow you are ganker! 3 against only me! Cowards!!!!

No, it's just because all your companions have abandoned you here.
In addition, though I personally dislike attack against outnumbered people, it's still a form of RP.This is Dark RP. Gangsters are here and there.
Accept defeat and rolplay as victim, don't be whinner.

Player B: Your gun is hell laggy!!! I cant move when I am being shot!!!

No, my gun is not laggy....and Sim based lag is fair to everyone.

Player B: Weapon stucking! Your sword must be enhanced!1!!

Currently weapon API for XRPS has not been released.
Even if I have API things, I cant use it without permission from universe owners.

Player A kneels down and grabs player B's tail, then cuts it by her sword.
Player B: Admin Call!!!!! You violated my RP limit, I dont roleplay mutilation!! You are cheater!!1!

You don't have to call admin for such trifling reason....
If my RP broke your RP limits, just IM me please.
I'm here to share fun with you all, I don't want to do what you hate.

Combat Junkies
-They don't roleplay but are waiting to jump into battle.

When I roleplay with player B and starte battle fairly, combat junkies jumps into the battle with no warning. They come on in a great swarm, and never RP if they have defeated me.
The best thing they can do is to play gesture like "Mwuhahahahaha".
They say that they jumped in to help player B because B is their friend or allies.
At least, please try to know the reason why I and B were fighting.
Combat junkies just spoil the story which I and B were trying to make.

The important thing, RP is not such game to vie with one another for victory, but the game to cooperate with one another for story.
If you met with me in Kingdom, I might be not friendly....but it is only in IC.
I am here to play Dark RP.
Please IM me if you want to talk with me OOCly :-)

Let's be friend OOCly and be hostile ICly!

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  1. giggles reading the articles xD
    Once upon a time, maybe still now..I am combat junkies, and love to challenge you with my partner in crime and we are always being ganked

    Let me put up a scenerio what will happen after being ganked.

    I love when they told you ~ gangker~ but when they ganked you, they are not gangker.. for them it is fair, you should be defeated in matter of 10 peoples or more, and after you are defeated, they will boast about how good they are and tied you up when they have 10 of them standing around with full health and you had 0 vitae,40 energy, and zero racepoint. It is sad for them to fail to understand no one can run away from 10 peoples and boasting about how good they are, it is just waste of time, and if you managed to run away from 10 people, what will happen to you, **think think ** yeap you will get admin call for cheating and blah blah blah..

    mmhmmm it is kinda out from the topic, but thats the frustration that i had all these years lol.. damnit .. i am old