Valantine Lingerie Party in Kingdom of Legend :-D

Today Valantine Lingerie Party was held in Kingdom of Legend....
Valentine Lingerie Party in KoL

Dress code of this party was lingerie....*laughs*

Do you like party in RP SIM?
When I was in NoR before, there were many street party at Megapolis or Remembrance, which was center SIMs of universe.
Some players complained for it. They said that street party in center SIM is disrupting RP.

In my opinion, this problem is a difference of view.
Party is NOT place for gesturebating or OOC crap, but a stage of Roleplay, I think.
In party, we can roleplay flirting/drinking/instigating/pickpocketing/molestation and more and more...xD

Valentine Lingerie Party in KoL
[16:33] Arian Beresford: none told me anything
[16:33] Arian Beresford: :(
[16:33] Arian Beresford: am i not sexy?
[16:34] luice String runs her pow on Arian's butt quickly
[16:34] Arian Beresford: oh ohhhh
[16:34] luice String: sorry mistake *giggles*
[16:34] Arian Beresford: giggless
[16:35] Leo Thirroul: ohh luice I saw that!
[16:36] Mephisto Rieko: Wait if you saw that... were you staring at her ass?
[16:36] Leo Thirroul: Ummm
[16:36] Leo Thirroul whistles
[16:36] Leo Thirroul: I see everything!

Parties are an opportunity to roleplay something other than combat.
Fight/Defeat/Capture is not the only form of RP.

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