Rabbit rocks...

OK forks, new warriors Rampage Rabbits entered the stage of Kingdom!

A rat of ROUSAS RATS, Minni came to GK diner and met the rabbit, Coppelia.

[5:35] Minni Fhang: Hi! ^-^
[5:36] Coppelia Mint: sniff sniff
[5:36] Coppelia Mint: smell rat
[5:36] Minni Fhang: hey
[5:36] Coppelia Mint: !
[5:36] Minni Fhang snarls
[5:36] Coppelia Mint: Dont come in counter!
[5:36] Coppelia Mint: Here is diner
[5:36] Minni Fhang: pfft
[5:36] Minni Fhang: i bring my own dinner tonight
[5:37] Coppelia Mint: We have to keep here clean
[5:37] Minni Fhang: i do what i want !!!!!!
[5:37] Minni Fhang: my brother own this place !!!
[5:37] Coppelia Mint: No!
[5:37] Coppelia Mint: We rabbit are the real ruler of GK
[5:37] Coppelia Mint: ooo
[5:38] Coppelia Mint: panda!
[5:38] Minni Fhang: yus
[5:38] Coppelia Mint stares with her mouth warering
[5:38] Minni Fhang: i use my own hard own money to buy this for you
[5:38] Minni Fhang: you treat me bad !!
[5:38] Coppelia Mint: awww
[5:38] Coppelia Mint: forget it

[5:38] Minni Fhang: see i have panda mug for you
[5:38] Coppelia Mint: awww panda
[5:39] Coppelia Mint bites the pandango
[5:39] Minni Fhang: oooo
[5:39] Minni Fhang: be gentle
[5:39] Coppelia Mint: Okay,,,,,

[5:39] Minni Fhang stares at the new cash machine
[5:39] Coppelia Mint: wait wait
[5:39] Coppelia Mint: Is this bribe?
[5:39] Minni Fhang: naw
[5:40] Minni Fhang: i am not that low
[5:40] Coppelia Mint is munching the pandango
[5:40] Minni Fhang: takes and eat
[5:40] Minni Fhang: my treat tonight
[5:40] Minni Fhang smiles big
[5:40] Coppelia Mint: aww ok
[5:41] Minni Fhang: see i am not a bad friend
[5:41] Minni Fhang: but only a bit crooked
[5:41] Coppelia Mint: I give you permission to enter here!
[5:41] Minni Fhang: YAY!


[5:46] Minni Fhang: we are the littles one
[5:46] Minni Fhang: don't be hostile to me
[5:46] Minni Fhang: i steal for survival
[5:46] Coppelia Mint: So we have to protect our money
[5:46] Coppelia Mint: to survive
[5:47] Minni Fhang: you see
[5:47] Coppelia Mint: mumble mumble
[5:47] Minni Fhang: money is not important to me too
[5:47] Minni Fhang: but but
[5:47] Minni Fhang: my boss wants lots lots lots BIGGGGG lots money
[5:47] Coppelia Mint: Why. Your boss is rat too
[5:47] Minni Fhang: yes
[5:47] Minni Fhang: her name is GIMPY
[5:48] Coppelia Mint: She can live with only harvesting from dumpster
[5:48] Minni Fhang secretly wispers to coppelia ~ she wants to be the king of this underground world~
[5:48] Minni Fhang: ➩➩➩ ... Shhh! ✖_✖
[5:50] Coppelia Mint: It's not rat but rabbit who rules world
[5:51] Minni Fhang pull out her pandago and ask ~ whos your boss?~
[5:51] Coppelia Mint: The name of our honorable leader is MoguMogu!
[5:51] Coppelia Mint: Queen rabbit
[5:52] Minni Fhang: mogumogu or the khans ?
[5:52] Minni Fhang: of **
[5:52] Coppelia Mint: Tell Gimpy
[5:53] Coppelia Mint: 2 king cant exsist
[5:53] Minni Fhang: wait!!


[5:50] Minni Fhang licks her pandago
[5:50] Coppelia Mint: mumbles her pandango
[5:50] Minni Fhang stares at coppelia and thinks

[5:53] Minni Fhang: did luice and my brother hired you guys to elimate us ?
[5:53] Coppelia Mint shakes her head
[5:53] Minni Fhang stares her in disbelieve
[5:54] Coppelia Mint: WE rabbits hired those humans to rule kingdom secretaly
[5:54] Minni Fhang: But !!!
[5:54] Minni Fhang scratches her head
[5:55] Minni Fhang: aww this is too complex for me
[5:55] Minni Fhang licks back her pandago and thinks again
[5:55] Coppelia Mint swallows pandango
[5:55] Coppelia Mint licks her lips


[6:01] Minni Fhang: i am vegetarian rat ... do you know that !!
[6:01] Coppelia Mint: it is the rule of nature
[6:01] Coppelia Mint: We cant change nature
[6:01] Minni Fhang: yeah, you can't but i can
[6:02] Minni Fhang: i am mutant after all
[6:02] Coppelia Mint: Its natural for me to eat rats, and its also natural for your boss to try conqer the kingdom
[6:02] Minni Fhang: you can't eat me
[6:02] Minni Fhang: and draws her gun
[6:03] Coppelia Mint: it is devine providence
[6:03] Coppelia Mint: In other words, its dispensation of nature
[6:03] Coppelia Mint: hahaha
[6:03] Coppelia Mint: I am sad....
[6:03] Minni Fhang: everything can be change
[6:03] Minni Fhang: it is matters of how and what !!
[6:04] Minni Fhang: therefore today i will take out the little young one out from your tummy
[6:04] Coppelia Mint: I dont want to fight without desire of appetite
[6:04] Coppelia Mint: okay
[6:04] Coppelia Mint: this is our fate

Battle Battle

[6:08] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Minni Fhang has been defeated by Coppelia Mint!

[6:08] Minni Fhang: cryssss
[6:09] Minni Fhang: no friend !!!
[6:09] Coppelia Mint: this is very sad.....*drop tears and slaver*
[6:09] Coppelia Mint bites Minni's butt
[6:09] Minni Fhang pouts
[6:09] Minni Fhang: ooouch
[6:10] Coppelia Mint: mmm
[6:10] Coppelia Mint: I am not hungry now....
[6:10] Coppelia Mint: but this is delicious...awww
[6:10] Coppelia Mint bites again
[6:10] Minni Fhang: i will chop you into rabbit satay when i got you some day
[6:10] Coppelia Mint: giggles
[6:11] Coppelia Mint: okay
[6:11] Minni Fhang: you know what is rabbit satay ? ))
[6:11] Coppelia Mint: I dont kill you now....please bring to me nice meat again *grins*
[6:11] Minni Fhang pokes her tummy ~ maybe i should end my era of vegetarian ~


After enjoy story and battle, we healed up ourselves in peace. :)
Fight ICly, and be good friends OOCly....it is Combat Roleplay xD

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