Corruption by Akix

No one can corrupt me.
Kingdom of Legend

[RP log]
A demon lady Akix approached to Alica in Legend Kingdom.

[5:06] Alica Steampunk: Hi
[5:07] Akix Lemon: hi
[5:07] Akix Lemon: I found an angel
[5:07] Alica Steampunk: I was angel.....but no longer angel now
[5:07] Akix Lemon: You are ready to fall down
[5:08] Alica Steampunk: Already I can't come back to heaven
[5:08] Akix Lemon: smile *
[5:08] Akix Lemon: nods
[5:08] Alica Steampunk:But I have no will to join demon beings
[5:08] Akix Lemon: Already, you are our friend.
[5:09] Alica Steampunk shakes her head
[5:09] Akix Lemon sat next to her
[5:10] Akix Lemon: Don't refuse
[5:11] Alica Steampunk: You should keep distance from me....I am no longer angel. But I cant change my nature to destroy demons
[5:11] Akix Lemon:touched the feet of Alica gently
[5:11] Alica Steampunk leaps to her feet
[5:11] Akix Lemon: no, no, no
[5:11] Alica Steampunk: Don't touch me
[5:12] Akix Lemon : Appreciate. There are desires in your heart
[5:12] Alica Steampunk: I won't hesitate to destroy demon
[5:12] Akix Lemon : even if you can destroy me, you cant destroy your desire in heart
[5:13] Alica Steampunk laughs "I am different with corrupted races....my desire is only to achive God's law"
[5:13] Akix Lemon: grins
[5:13] Akix Lemon: The same thing, I heard from other fallen angels
[5:14] Alica Steampunk: You are going to spread vice
[5:14] Akix Lemon : If you want to kill me, do it. I won't fight
[5:15] Akix Lemon: However if you noticed your own desires,
[5:15] Akix Lemon: contact me
[5:15] Akix Lemon: bye
[5:16] Alica Steampunk: It never happen.....

Players can choose various races and classes in XRPS system.
Akix is a demon, she likes to roleplay as succubus xD

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