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In RP/Combat area, new comers tend to do just slash and dash ^^;
Kingdom of Legends is RP/Combat universe.
You can roleplay psychopath, gangster, street killer, or so on.
However, RP should be described in chat.

For exeample...
/me approaches Alica and draws a knife from her inside pocket, then she jumped to attack against Alica.

/me howls at Alica with an extremely hostile on his/her face.

/me 's eyes flash randomly as if she is out of order. The eye balls seems to be keeping watch on Alica.
/me 's moter make a loud sound suddenly, and she jumps toward Alica to attack!

Haha just example.
I am not native English speaker, so it is bit difficult for me to describe so long RP ^^;
Kingdom of Legend has 2 combat-oriented SIM.
In Dread and Delusion, it is legal to start battle with comparatively short pre-combat RP.

My point is, simple combat using XRPS is not RP.
Combat must be a part of roleplay...

One more important thing is separation of IC and OOC.
You should make friendship with other players, even if he is enemy in IC.
We all came here to have fun.
Lets be IC and fight nicely :-)

Cute Rat

This rat is one of my best friend.
The first time we met, she came to GK base to kill us all. lol
And she and her friends have been always our best enemy xD

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