My GK Family

We are "GEKKOH Enterprise", an enterprise in Kingdom of Legend!
GK base

Our services
1:Eating-out dept.
-Our policy is, to serve any palates of any races. Even if you are blood sucker, corpse eater or rock biter, all OK!

2:Researching dept.
-"Is he creditable?" "I wanna get some dirt on him!"
OK, please order to us! Our excellent agents can make him confess...ah, no, "research" any secret!

3:Weapon development dept.
-We provide excellent weapons which guarantee your security!^^
Why don't you kill them all? xD

"Gekkoh" means "moonlight" in Japanese.
I am a GK agent....Sometimes I work as a guard, assassin, or bartender.xD

Recently GK scientist has developed powerful bioweapons.
Last Friday, the bioweapons went out of control.
They had run away from laboratory and rampaged through whole kingdom....
Fortunately, they were hunted by KoL people...lol

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