"Rai-Jin" Gun-Blade, from "Factory of Ishtar"

Fight or die....
Gun Brade

Today I want to introduce this weapon.:D

Hahaha, yes I worked as a pop model. xD
One of my best friend, Mizuki Windlow is awesome weapon creator.
She is also one of XRPS players, so her weapons are very suitable to XRPS combat regulations.

This "Rai-Jin" gun-blade is double-use of gun and melee.
Full original animations are smooth and quick,the line of fire is easy to see!
Now her weapons are pretty popular in kingdom of legend xD

SLURL:Factory of Ishtar

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- The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the XRPS Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout Kingdom.
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  1. mmmhmm .. pop model .. but i don't see any bikinis on you ..

  2. 0.0
    I didn't know the convention that pop model should wear bikinis.
    Next time I will try....lol