The journey to rat's nest

Today I sneaked into Mythos Castle...to look for the money which stolen by Minni.

[2:10] Alica Steampunk opens the door of Mythos castle quietly
[2:10] Alica Steampunk looks around to make sure there is no one
[2:11] Alica Steampunk looks down the rats nest
[2:12] Alica Steampunk kneels and checks the nest......"nothing here "

[2:13] Alica Steampunk: Where is the Minni's nest....*looks around*
[2:15] Alica Steampunk opens the door and sneakes into the room
[2:15] Alica Steampunk looks around to make sure she is safe
[2:15] JC Jestyr doubts it
[2:15] Alica Steampunk is muttering to herself "Where is Minni's nest...."
[2:15] JC Jestyr smells pizza
[2:16] Alica Steampunk: mmm this sofa is suspicious
[2:17] Alica Steampunk lifts the cushion and investigate
[2:18] Alica Steampunk: mmm nothing....

[2:19] Alica Steampunk: ohh here is another nest.....
[2:19] Gimpy Fhang: >:O
[2:19] Alica Steampunk: !
[2:19] Alica Steampunk: ahhh hhh, hello
[2:19] Gimpy Fhang look vicious
[2:19] Gimpy Fhang: step away from there
[2:20] Alica Steampunk: I just came to greet you *smile*
[2:20] Gimpy Fhang: these are our breeding grounds
[2:20] Gimpy Fhang: not for human robots to poke around in
[2:20] Alica Steampunk: ohh Sorry....
[2:20] Gimpy Fhang looks suspicious
[2:20] Alica Steampunk: Is it your nest?
[2:20] Gimpy Fhang: what are you ater
[2:21] Gimpy Fhang: its nuffink
[2:21] JC Jestyr looks over at the woman who gives out mouse milk
[2:21] Alica Steampunk smiles attempting to look innocense
[2:22] Gimpy Fhang: you are up to no good
[2:22] JC Jestyr: the attempt at look innocent was epic fail. Now what you really up here for?
[2:22] Gimpy Fhang: like all your GK buddies

[2:22] Alica Steampunk: I am just interested in the place where my friend minni lives
[2:22] JC Jestyr: mhmmm likely story
[2:23] Alica Steampunk: Noo hostile I have!
[2:23] JC Jestyr flashes her whiskers...already grown back out
[2:23] Gimpy Fhang: she is one of us
[2:23] Gimpy Fhang: thats all you need to know
[2:23] Gimpy Fhang: if you harm her
[2:23] Gimpy Fhang: our hoards will descend on you
[2:23] Alica Steampunk nods "yes yes I never "
[2:23] Gimpy Fhang: like a rat hoard
[2:24] Gimpy Fhang: or some crazy rat thingy
[2:24] JC Jestyr: at least a herd of rats
[2:24] Gimpy Fhang: we snoop around GK
[2:24] Gimpy Fhang: GK does not snoop around our nests
[2:24] Gimpy Fhang: erm
[2:24] Gimpy Fhang: i mean piles of unrelated hay
[2:25] Gimpy Fhang: that are not at all important to us
[2:25] Alica Steampunk waches JC's whiskers and thinks to herself~ohh there is new whiskers....~
[2:25] Alica Steampunk: OK I understood
[2:25] JC Jestyr spies some more stilleto heels to saw through
[2:26] Alica Steampunk: Then, where is minni's home? I want to know her home!
[2:26] JC Jestyr: why?
[2:26] Gimpy Fhang: you would have to ask her that
[2:26] Gimpy Fhang: and a rat union official would have to be present
[2:27] Gimpy Fhang: we are members of the teamsters
[2:27] Alica Steampunk: Just curiosity.....*giggles*
[2:28] Alica Steampunk: Okay that seems I am unwelcome to here >_<
[2:28] Gimpy Fhang: you are inches from being thrown off the tower
[2:28] Alica Steampunk: eeep
[2:29] Gimpy Fhang gave you Ratz Nest by Mipi.

[2:29] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: JC Jestyr uses RunDown2 on Alica Steampunk

Battle Battle Battle

[2:32] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Gimpy Fhang has been defeated by Alica Steampunk!
[2:33] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: JC Jestyr has been defeated by Alica Steampunk!

[2:33] JC Jestyr sighs
[2:34] Alica Steampunk: hehehe its you who started this! *grins*
[2:34] Alica Steampunk: Give me memento
[2:34] JC Jestyr: no momentos for you
[2:34] JC Jestyr: if you get my whiskers again, I'll get better revenge
[2:35] Alica Steampunk pulls one of JC's whiskers," I am lookinf forward to it"
[2:35] JC Jestyr: we'll see about that
[2:35] Alica Steampunk grabes JC's tail and drag him
[2:35] Alica Steampunk grabed Gimpy's tail and drag her
[2:36] Alica Steampunk lifts rats on bed

[2:38] Alica Steampunk: pfft I run to my home
[2:38] JC Jestyr: you better run fast

I have run away!

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