Rats Rampage >_<

Today King Shadow proclaimed that he rules this Kingdom.
No, he is not legitimate King, just self-proclaimed.
But he hired rats army!

They are "ROUSAS RATS" family, who live in sewer of Dread town.
Some times they attack people to get cheese lol
They are very powerful clan when they teamed up.....

[17:12] Alica Steampunk: King Shadow and his rats army started to seize the kingdom
[17:12] Gimpy Fhang: yes
[17:12] Gimpy Fhang: people better watch their back
[17:13] Alica Steampunk: So GK will resist against their domination.
[17:15] Gimpy Fhang: we exist as genetic mutant rats due to GK experiments
[17:15] Gimpy Fhang: now they hate us
[17:15] Gimpy Fhang: our creators hate us
[17:15] Gimpy Fhang crys
[17:16] Atticus Etzel: crys louder
[17:16] Alica Steampunk: awwww
[17:16] Alica Steampunk: So we have responsibility
[17:16] Alica Steampunk: to eliminate dangerous rats

GK is clan name which I belongs to :)
I fought against rats to do my duty....

Oooouch I was defeated :(

[17:27] Alica Steampunk: I wont give up *spits blood*
[17:27] Atticus Etzel: but we loved u
[17:27] Alica Steampunk: haha I also
[17:27] Alica Steampunk: So I deliver more hard battle next time *smile*

Okay I never give up!xD

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  1. They took a small piece of my skin for experiment.>_<
    I will get it back soon...wait for it!