My way to choose gun in XRPS combat

Yesterday someone visited my blog from Google search to look for the best XRPS gun.
Though I think there is no best gun actually, I want to introduce my check point to select gun.
(Of course, you have to check universe weapon regulation at first :-) )

In XRPS combat, gun damage is caused by only collision between avatar and bullet(physical object).
Whether the bullet includes damage script or not, same damage is delivered.
(Some gun makers set API script in their bullet for other combat system like CCS, but it doesn't affect to XRPS.)

1.Low lag
The main reason why some guns cause terrible lag to SIM is MONO script.
In current Second Life server, heavy lag is caused when objects which includes MONO script is rezzed.
So bullet scripts should be compiled not using MONO.
You cannot confirm that the bullet of gun you purchased is compiled by MONO or not.
However lag of such gun is easy to see by shooting it.
Popular gun makers don't have this problem.

In almost XRPS universes, effects such as explosion, phantom bullet, continuous damage or so on are banned.
If your gun has RP-bullet or training-bullet option, it will be good.
Small effect like blood splash might be permissible in some universes.

BPS means Bullets per Second.
In XRPS combat, too high BPS is useless because XRPS don't realize so many bullet in a second.
In addition, too high BBS guns will be banned by universe weapon regulation.
However, higher BPS is better for shooters. It makes easy to hit target.
Personally, I think 8-15 BPS is good.

The upper limit of BPS in Judgement universe is 8.5 according to their regulation.
((I don't know why some specific gun makers are permissible even though their BPS is higher than 10...
I have asked their admin, and there was no response .....lol))

4.Hit range
In Second Life combat, bullets of almost gun makers don't hit in very short range.
This is a technical problem.
Bullet will be rezzed in front of you keeping some distance, to avoid hurting yourself.
By this reason, bullets don't collide with target if the target is in very short range.
Yes, you can use melee if enemy is too near to shoot.
However, if the bullet can hit in very short range, it is useful when you are stunned and being hitted by melee.

"Titan Industries" and "Factory of Ishtar" are very good weapon maker at this point.

After all, most important thing is looks.
You should choose the gun which is most suitable to your character. xD

There are some popular gun makers in XRPS universes, I will introduce those makers tomorrow.

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