My revenge against Rats

Finally I found who stole money from GK diner...
Yes, the person responsible for my salary reduction was rats!
Those mean rats tricked me.....
It was mistake of me to had believed them.....

I have to revenge against rats....

[2:35] Alica Steampunk grins evily "Hey ratty, I have a present for you"
[2:35] JC Jestyr: got some cheese?
[2:35] Alica Steampunk: no, special drink
[2:35] JC Jestyr: hmmm
[2:35] Alica Steampunk gave you Mouse Milk.
[2:35] JC Jestyr takes the bottle and sniffs it
[2:36] JC Jestyr: it smells ok
[2:36] JC Jestyr: what is it?
[2:36] Alica Steampunk: rat milk
[2:36] JC Jestyr chugs back a big gulp
[2:36] JC Jestyr: mmmm
[2:36] Alica Steampunk: see inside the bottle
[2:36] JC Jestyr licks her whiskers and smacks her lips
[2:36] JC Jestyr: screams

Then battle started.

[2:45] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: JC Jestyr has been defeated by Alica Steampunk!

[2:45] Alica Steampunk: laughs evilly
[2:45] JC Jestyr falls in a heap, bleeding
[2:46] Alica Steampunk: This is Gimpy's fault hehehe
[2:46] JC Jestyr spit blood
[2:46] JC Jestyr: why?
[2:46] Alica Steampunk: She and Minni stole my money!....
[2:46] JC Jestyr: ima steal more than your money when I get well

I took her whiskers for my memento of victory!!

Then Gimpy appeared...
I asked her to admit that they stole from GK diner.

[3:15] Gimpy Fhang: why should i buy a book
[3:15] Gimpy Fhang: when there is a lending library in the town
[3:15] Alica Steampunk: ummm Now I know
[3:16] Gimpy Fhang: 0.o
[3:16] Alica Steampunk: We cant live with rat!
[3:16] Alica Steampunk draws sword

battle started again, yes we won!

[3:19] Gimpy Fhang: damn
[3:19] Alica Steampunk: yay xD
[3:19] JC Jestyr looks around at all the blood
[3:19] JC Jestyr: we dead again
[3:19] Alica Steampunk: giggles....now I demand payment xD
[3:19] Gimpy Fhang shits on the ground
[3:20] JC Jestyr pees and cries
[3:20] Alica Steampunk grabed their rats "Guide me to the place there is treasure xD"
[3:20] Gimpy Fhang: 0.o

She guided us to Mythos Castle.

[3:26] Gimpy Fhang: these are all amazing things
[3:26] Gimpy Fhang: i give them because you defeated us
[3:26] JC Jestyr: dat's real good cheese
[3:26] Alica Steampunk: Thank you...
[3:26] Alica Steampunk: but Okay I dont want those...
[3:26] Gimpy Fhang: that one is the best cheese i ever found
[3:27] Gimpy Fhang: so creamy
[3:27] Alica Steampunk: Where did you get those
[3:27] Gimpy Fhang: well we work here and there
[3:27] Gimpy Fhang: some was stolen from the pub
[3:27] Gimpy Fhang: some from the docklands
[3:27] Gimpy Fhang: one from an old lady
[3:28] Alica Steampunk: and dumpster?
[3:28] Gimpy Fhang: dumpster yes
[3:28] Gimpy Fhang: you people dont understand the true value of things

Oh my god....I couldn't get my salary back after all....*weeps*

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