Talk with a Demon

In Kingdom of Legend, RP includes combat sometimes.
But its not necessary...today I talked with a demon about life, in peace.

Back alley of kingdom

[RP log]
(This log has been edited to shorten and remove spam.)
Today I met a demon in Kingdom....and talked with him about life.

[5:41] Alica Steampunk watches Remington wondering if he doesn't feel heat
[5:41] Alica Steampunk: Hello.....you seem to be burning....are you OK?
[5:42] Remington Daikon: Oh I am fine.. this just reminds me of home.


[5:44] Remington Daikon: By the way.. I am Remington.. who may you be?
[5:45] Alica Steampunk: My name is Alica
[5:45] Remington Daikon: Nice to meet you. are you new to the city?
[5:45] Alica Steampunk: Nice to see you too. I came to this city about 2 weeks ago....from far away
[5:46] Alica Steampunk: I heard that there is a kingdom which is filled with vice and chaos
[5:46] Alica Steampunk: So I came here to confirm it
[5:47] Remington Daikon: well I deffnly fit the Chaos bill.
[5:48] Remington Daikon: Though I used to be of Order... like you...
[5:48] Alica Steampunk: mm....what did corrupt you...
[5:50] Remington Daikon: Rebellion towards god.. I sided with Lucifer all those millennium ago..

[5:50] Remington Daikon: but I am trying hard to leave that life behind me.. I nly do good deeds now..
[5:51] Alica Steampunk: Ohhhh.....Okay, I pray for you so that you can come back to heaven....
[5:52] Remington Daikon: *** Listens to him speak fomr within and laighes at his foolishness***
[5:52] Alica Steampunk: I was in Heaven too...the gate of haven no longer opens for me though
[5:52] Remington Daikon: Why is that?
[5:53] Alica Steampunk: I came to earth to achieve God's plan...to destroy all demons and all corrupted races
[5:54] Remington Daikon: *eyes her* so you will be trying to destroy me?
[5:54] Alica Steampunk: But I met friends.....they are "corrupted" people according to God's law
[5:55] Alica Steampunk: I betrayed God
[5:55] Alica Steampunk: That's the reason....
[5:56] Remington Daikon: well I feind all humanity is corrupted.. to soem point.. it comes down t the choices we make..


[5:59] Remington Daikon: In fact I gave up my immortality to love, save and be with my Wife.
[6:00] Remington Daikon: and you as well.
[6:00] Alica Steampunk: ohh, thats good *smile*
[6:00] Remington Daikon: Would you object to a hug fomr a semi kindred spirit?
[6:01] Alica Steampunk: No
[6:01] Remington Daikon hugs Alica
[6:01] Remington gives Alica a VERY BIG hug.。
[6:01] Alica Steampunk hugs back
[6:01] Remington Daikon: I hope you find your way back home one day
[6:01] Alica Steampunk: Perhaps I will choice same way with you...thanks Remington
[6:02] Remington Daikon: Your welcome Alica.. I wish you the best.

Today I found that not all demons are spreading evil and chaos xD

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