Ghoul hunting

Scenery of kingdom is beautiful, even though it has been cursed by God....
Alica in Legend Kingdom

Recently new monster called "Ghoul" wanders around kingdom.
Now I reveal his photo which I took at the risk of my life.

He is very powerful....near to invincible.
Melee and bullets can't hurt him. Only skills can cause small damage on him.

Factions attack him in cooperation with eacth other, and today I delivered finishing blow to him.

But he never dies.
A few minutes after, he recovered and disappeared into sewer.
He will come back over and over.

What is he....where did he came from?
No one knows, but he claims that the kingdom is owned by him.
I will report again if it is explained.

Kingdom is a Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community in Second Life.
- If you are interested, please visit kingdom and speak to one of Kingdom Mentors. In addition, visit our website.
- The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the XRPS Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout Kingdom.
~~~ ** ~~~ NOTICE ~~~ ** ~~~
Kingdom is based in Mature SIMs and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 YEARS or older to be in our game.

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